RBLR1000 2021


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First off a big thanks for all the volunteers who helped make this ride possible, thank you.

I'll keep the ride report brief, I wouldn't want to bore the readership with all our follies. Myself and two first timers (Adrian & Lewis) broke every rule in the long distance ride book, including choosing the tourist route from Inverness to Perth via Grantown on Spey, Braemar and the A93. We arrived at the Edinburgh checkpoint at midnight where Adrian & Lewis decided enough was enough and sensibly took an extended break. They did finish the 1,000 miles albeit outside the 24 hour time frame, fair play to both of them for texting their DNF's to the emergency phone number.

I rode on alone through the night, straight in and out of the Berwick upon Tweed checkpoint and was making good progress southbound on the A1 and A1(M) to the Washington Service Area where I took a break. Inside I met Ivor and Pearl who I followed back to Squires, there was some comfort in following their tail light. Arriving back at Squires just after sunrise I was the last rider in completing the ride a comfortable 19 minutes inside the 24 hours!

After 2 hours sleep the tent and camping kit was packed up and stowed across the pillion seat for the 200 mile ride home where I slept for most of the afternoon before retiring to my bed.

Enough said. Happy Days


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Thanks. .

A good insight into how to get it wrong.

Next time if you all concentrate on completing 1000 in 24hrs you will succeed I've no doubt.

Main thing is you all had an experience and a good day out with your mates.