Regularly logged off


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Is it only me having this issue..

I have to re-log on to the IBA site every second day or so. I tick the "never log off" box each time but that doesn't seem to have any affect.

Seems to only have had the issue in the last approx 2 months.


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Do you have your browser set to delete cookies when you exit?

Thanks for your reply Stephen however I am not sure if cookies are the problem as my other forums don't have an issue.. But I am not that good with compooters... ;)

It's only you Fatman. The Admin team are trying to give you a subtle hint and as usual you're a bit slow on the uptake :D:D;)
As usual Tele.. :eek:

All good here Fatman. Maybe it’s cos you live in Mexico?
A wise guy hey! In true 3 Stooges spirit, a poke in the eye for you........... o_O