Ride to Eat nr 1 Lighthouse J.C.J. van Speyk Egmond aan Zee Netherlands febr 24,2018

michiel kerkhof

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We will meet at the Lighthouse in Egmond at 16.00 sharp coordinates N 52 37.135 E 4 37.289 for group pictures and we stay at Golden Tulip Hotel,Arcadialaan 6 1813 KN Alkmaar tel:0031 72 5401414
coordinates N 52 36.974 E4 44.583 where we have dinner at 19.00 and drinks of 18.00 in the bar
1 .Michiel Kerkhof https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=17af55a82b8db533a5&hoursPast=0&showAll=yes
2.Jonathan Bakers
4./16 John & Ann-Marie Broom ??
3.Michiel Buitenwerf
5.Gordon Sears https://spotwalla.com/embed.php?id=17af65a82be4a61607&scale=on&zoom=default&refresh=no
6. Jon 12A
7.Gerhard M Krueger
8.Jon Parsell
9.Wilfried Weyers
10.Kim Leeson
11,Owl aka Tom Rainbury
12 FazerPhil Weston
13 Henri Castillion
14 Tommy Wendt https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=17b3b5a85c47eb8dc9&hoursPast=0&showAll=yes
15 Hansi ??
17Rainer Killian
18 Franz Jecho
19 Scott Miller
20.Darren Nesbitt
21.Rob Hook
22.Ricky Norman
23.Martin Grafton
24/25 Peter Ihlo & Connie Schneiter
26 Gerd Heinzmann
27 Philip Parein
28 Robert Hutzlmandl
29 Thomas Bode
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Mmmmm, North Sea coast in February; sure to be balmy !
Put me down......weather dependent. Cold's OK, snow; not so much!


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HUM, last RTE in NL was on the Afsluitdijk a couple of years ago, around the same date.
It was minus 10C and had to stop fellow IBA (UK of course.. , you know that great nation of nautical blokes) ) riders to step on an icy pontoon for a picture, hence them falling in freezing water and me jumping after to save them .... remember Michieletje!
Had to fight with one snow storm on the way up and two on the return.
Arriving home my bike lights were like a Xmas tree because of the salt, snow and cold ( .. at some stage the German highway got closed down ...).
Had to change the electric torch on the bike!... but this allowed me to do an other 100'00km on the same bike, to my very grande surprise.
So all in all came in cheap in the end ...
Donated the bike, a couple of years ago to a friend who lost all his belongings in a divorce, as he had put them in his wife^s name for tax reasons.
Since the bike's average is only doing a 5'000km a year and I believe it stand presently at over a 270'000 km.
Perhaps this time I'll take my winter camping gear .... style Elephants, Marmottes, Pinguin et 1000 vaches, enzovoort ...

..... more on this in Andorra over some drinks ...



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Remember John, there were two pontoons, one much larger and safer on which you are standing and one next to the restaurant much smaller, without a handrail!!

John Young

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Remember John, there were two pontoons, one much larger and safer on which you are standing and one next to the restaurant much smaller, without a handrail!!
Sorry Philip - but you've got this all wrong. When I went down to take these pictures, I was on my own. You weren't down there with me at all. I had to set the camera up on the timer because no-one was with me.

You're remembering something that didn't happen !! Lol !!


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Just booked the Friday o/n ferry from Harwich - Hook if any one wants to join me, I might have a beer :)

Tunnels getting very busy on the return leg :(