Ride to Eat Nr 2 Center of France Bruere-Allichamps April 27, 2019

michiel kerkhof

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Just a copy of a self-explaining mail conversation on Tom Loftus passing.....as he was a close friend to many of us and a regular attendee on Euro RTE's maybe I'm not the only 1 doing a cert ride in honour of Tom....there is talk in US that there may be a special version of certificate in his honour.....just so you are all aware!


Quit simple I will do an ss from Portugal to midpoint France RTE end apri and 1 on the return trip back to Portugal.simple straight forward ride.....we all ride to RTE's mostly single so all are of course free to do same on those days.You are more than welcome to join the party look at Euro RTE's under Iron Butt Forum UK website for details.....Tom used to be a frequent USA visitor of these whenever he could during his European rides..


Citando merril campbell <[email protected]>:

[Esconder Texto Citado]I never had the chance to meet Tom Loftus but because many speak so highly of him I would love it if you would elaborate on "Loftus SS" so that more of us can join the celebration.
On Sun, Feb 10, 2019, 4:25 AM Michiel Jan Kerkhof via LDRider <[email protected] wrote:
We will use the 27 april Euro RTE to France to celebrate his life.I'll
do a Loftus SS on way up and another 1 on way back home in his honour

Citando DANNY DOSSMAN via LDRider <[email protected]>:
Tom Loftus Memorial
I have received some details from Tom’s wife Mona concerning his
memorial and was asked to get the word out.

Additional information will follow later but for now it looks like
it will be in Oceanside, California on April 21st.
Tom had so many friends and I know many of you will be making plans
to attend. When I know the complete details I will post again and
will also have a way for riders to RSVP to assist the family in


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Gordon and I met Tom and his wife in Bari last year, flew all the way from the States just to do the Bari RTE...respect.
We are planning to join you in the Loftus SS

Kim Leeson

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Very nice, can I get one before my Loftus SS in March with Gordon? any advice would be appreciated....thank you.