Ride to Eat Nr 2 Center of France Bruere-Allichamps April 27, 2019


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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Let’s talk about me for a minute.....
Since the last goodbye
It’s Prime Time to
Let me go home
Or you’re gonna get your fingers burned.

michiel kerkhof

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So I went and checked the location on my way back...my 595 gives me foll coordinates N 46 30.8117 and E 002 34.5920 It's a tad over 1 hour ride from Bourges butI may haveused more time than necessary as I went via another town that claims to have the midpoint.....that's alateau on the ground i.o. a statue so we keep Champvillier in despite being tad furthur away than planned originally.....


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Hi Michiel,

Been busy at work and not much time on keeping up with events and to hear that Tom has passed away is a sad shock to the system.
A Fantastic person who I had the privilege of meeting and riding with a couple of times.
I will look at doing the memorial ride for him, a sign of my respect for a fellow IBA/IBR Long distance rider... RIP TOM.

I have booked the Hotels and hope to see everyone at the RTE...

Scott Miller

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Hi Michiel,

I hate to do this, but have just had an unplanned business trip to the US land in my lap. Please remove me from this one.