Ride to Eat Nr 3 Kranska Gora circle June 27 ,2020


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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Hi Giel,
I’m not 100% sure I can make this one although I want to.
Please put me down as attending and staying for dinner but I will sort out my own nearby hotel.
Hope this is OK.

michiel kerkhof

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Hey all - and you Michiel especially - due to Corona epidemic - I`ll cancelled all long distanses on to july - hoping for the best Erte Trollstigen in august .. I`ll hope will go as planned... :)
Well officially we cancelled/postponed the RTE 2 to Manteigas this one is most unlikely to be held but I'll keep it open for awhile longer....it is what it is ....as soon as announcement for lockdowns are incl all june dates I will cancel this one anyway....