Ride to Eat Nr 4 Trollstiegen Norway july 17,2021

michiel kerkhof

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I hate to bring sad news but I have to_Once again we are going to postpone our Ride to Eat to Slovenia as well as the RTE to Norway to dates in 2022 to be announced later.I personally have some serious health problems which need attention and I will be operated sometime in the 15-25 june period as I also have a bad Pneunomia for which I am now taking a 2nd cure.Also my 1 Astra Zeneca Jab was put into me earlier this month and the 2nd jab is scheduled for july 12.As a COPD patient I will certainly not travel abroad before I am fully vaccinated .On top of this all the current Covid situation is still very unclear as to who is allowed to travel tru which country and what sort of documents does one needt to do so or do we just carry recent tests or do we run the risk to be forced into quarantaine on returning home? The complexity of this all as well as my health condition which is not enabling me to attend has made us decide to postpone these 2 RTE'S The final one in Italy october sofar looks a go ahead situation most likely we all have had our jabs by then and the paperside of things should be clear to all then.