RTE 11/12/21 Rhug Estate


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Sorry to hear such bad news Wully just before the festive break, but hopefully you will find your ideal job.

I understand having an HGV license at present is a good thing?

I think I will give it a miss now too, it's a big ride across the Pennines for me and in mid-December the weather can be up to all sorts of shenanigans.

Also for some reason, Greta has got into my head and I'm needing to address my Carbon Footprint so I'll save this 500 miles for another day when the sun is shinning.
i think i'll try and make it as well, i try not to listen to Greta, just annoys me that she's given so much media coverage when there are actual people out there qualified to speak on her chosen subject who aren't. Unfortunately i cant seem to find any mention of mention of qualifications other than honorary that have been given to her.
Sorry, but I have got to take a rain check for this one... I was planning on going but times change and now have to work that weekend. Thought are with you all.

Shame as it is only an hour and a half away from me. The roads there are awesome.


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Friday was a difficult day, having the rug pulled away from underneath me was not good, I reacted a bit quickly and possibly hastily.

I have received many calls and messages which have made me feel much better, so i have decided to go a head and attend the RTE, I am so sorry to have caused the confusion.

See you Saturday.


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Good news Wully, now I don't have a back brake! I was replacing all my Brake Discs and got to the back one but a reluctant seized Brake Pad Pin scuppered my efforts. £525 for a new Triumph Calliper!

I sent the old one to Powerhouse Automotive who will refurbish it and have it back to me in a week for about £50.

Hope you all have a wonderful R2E and the weather Gods shine upon you all.
Dave i'd be reluctant to part with that sort of money. will the old pin not come out with a bit of heat and lubrication. had siezed pins before and they've come out that way
ps take the caliper off and seals out before you apply heat, not really had much to do with the triumph calipers but done quite a few jap ones that way.
it would be worth a try