Sandstorm Tanks


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Yup I have two. Ran a 2 gallon one on the ibr this year and upgraded to a 5.2 gallon one last month. Well made, easy to install, priced well.

I'd suggest you ask them to raise the filler neck and vent tube a few inches and move the filler to the end cap. The center fill neck and low profile means when on the center stand you lose about a gallon of capacity and some fuel will spill after a fill up out of the vent due to sloshing.

If you move to the end cap and raise up, you can get full capacity and no fuel will slosh out of the vent.

Its why I changed out my small one for a bigger, aside from the better range, the bigger one was customized for a few bucks and I can get the full rated capacity plus a little more and no fuel spills out of the vent when riding after I fill it up, even in temps near 100.