SPOT mounting

Debi Kirk

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evening all
quickie question for those who use a SPOT do you mount it on the bike? do you use just a RAM mount? I've always had it on an armband but hubby will be borrowing mine and wants it on the bike..... any advise greatly appreciated

Shawn K

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RAM mount. Have mine facing away because it gives me better visibility and more room to open my glove box. Plus, I don't need to read it while I'm moving anyway.



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Telefrizer mount with RAM ball to replace the BMW logo in the middle of the handlebars on the RT.... then the proper RAM tray mount for the little beggar..... they do say it should sit flat!
This allows the lanyard clip to go on the left switch loom should anything fail.
Telefrizer mount was bought from Nippy Norman's and they are a bit expensive..... but solves the problem especially if you only need one RAM mount.


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I use a Ram mount as well. There are many options for ball mounts so it's easy to find one that works for your bike. The 9mm version works well for various handlebar area bolts. I have a Spot II Ram cradle I don't need. I won't be home for a month or so though. What Spot version are you running?