Spot trackers for Brit Butt 2017


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See my post about halfway down this page, beginning "I have created a SpotWalla Location page ..."

on second thoughts:

I have created a SpotWalla Location Page for this Brit Butt 17. It is currently rather uninteresting because no-one's "joined" it yet. If you are riding the rally and are not paranoid about having your location tracked in real time by, for example, the rally team languishing in Leicester while you're all out having fun, you might like to join the page by clicking here. You will need a suitable tracker device or app and a SpotWalla account.

There's no view password so this page is entirely public. And since it's public, please ensure you're aware of secure zones and how to control the types of messages that update your location on the page.

Secure zones are regions of the map where locations will not be shown. They allow the user to safeguard their home, place of work, grandma's house or any other region where they want to maintain some privacy. More information on secure zones can be found here:

If your location is known to SpotWalla and is not in a secure zone when you join the page it will appear as a data point right away but otherwise the only clue that you've joined is an increase in the number of Users.
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