SS2K but it's not showing the full distance

Brian Thorn

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Kwthom pointed out that you can't have two separate rides with the same miles, so therefore even though the SS2K would have included the JAX miles, the person certifying the ride cut it off at Tallahassee.


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...and this is where the nesting of rides confuses many. :cool:

Though it did take me a minute to ponder the puzzle in my brain (Brian & I had this conversation via PM) before I sorted it out.

It helped that I took a similar ride in 2016 and was able to use that as an example. I certified a Why to Whynot (36 hr) version, and followed up with the remaining time & miles to do my SS2K.

For Mile Eater purposes, the SS2K counts, the W2WN doesn't.

Brian Thorn

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Now that we have that sorted, since the swag didn't come with the certificates, I'm assuming the rest of the stuff comes from the estore? Anyone know how long it should be until that stuff arrives?