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Staff note: I was not sure where to put this as it is part LD, part RTE. Feel free to move or delete. CW

Here’s what’s going on in and around the Texas area: (Please see website links and other posts for more details.)
  • Feb 2-4, International Bike Show – Dallas : (DONE!) Of course this has come and gone and once again we had a handful of hearty souls show up for the Friday night advance beer and BBQ consumption and then for the show on Saturday. A good time was had by all. I’m just adding this as a placeholder for next year’s announcements.

  • Feb 23-24, Defective Gene Pool RTE and Friday night pre-party: Meet at Rudy’s BBQ on Friday night around 6:30 then at Ray’s BBQ (both in Allen, TX) around 10:00ish for the official RTE. At this years’ 7th annual event we will induct Paul Tong and Peter Green into the Hall of Fame, along with a special surprise honorary inductee. www.dfwdefectivegenepool.com Contact me if you’re confused – cwall@hartcocpa.com

  • Apr 7, Celina, TX RTE: Hosted by Paul Tong of NIIT Wit and IBR fame, this annual event is a classic in a classic setting, Lucy’s on the Square in Celina, TX. The weather is excellent in North Texas by then and a good time is always in store. http://niitwit.com/event/2018-celina-rte/

  • Apr 7, See the Eagles RTE: Our friend Robert Rehkopf hosts a first class event up in Tiptonville, TN. No, it ain’t Texas, but Robert is a frequent attendee at all things Texas so we would be remiss not to mention his outing. This link (if it works) will take you to his announcement on the Motorcycle Tourers Forum. http://forums.delphiforums.com/mctourer/messages/?msg=56640.1

  • May 2-5, Heart of Texas Rally: Paul Tong, again of NIIT WIt and IBR fame, is hosting this awesome event. He has a three day (ish) event and a 12 hour rally as well. Paul is a great rallymaster and I’ve never had a bad time at any of his events. Check it out. http://niitwit.com/event/2018-heart-of-texas-rally/

  • May 19, Kansas City BBQ RTE: Nope, this one ain’t Texas either, but our friend Bob Rippy has been a long-time friend of Texas events and this one is easy to get to. You can never get enough BBQ, right? Check it out. http://mls2go.blogspot.com/

  • May 28 – June 2, The George A. Wyman Memorial Project Rendezvous: The Texas connection here involves me (Cliff Wall) and Tim Masterson. The details on the Wyman Project and the Rendezvous are on Tim’s site. http://wymanmemorialproject.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_12.html Tim and I will be riding to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend to start the Rendezvous on May 28th. This ride retraces George Wyman’s epic trek in 1903 when he became the first person to successfully cross the United States on a motorized vehicle. Meet his great-granddaughter and see what is believed to be the actual bike he rode when you attend the opening informational meeting. Each night along the way we will be joined for dinner by local area riders and LD riders along with other interested parties from the local area. This promises to be the ride of a lifetime. Come join us.

  • Oct 17-21, IBA’s Big-As-Texas Ride and Event: This annual fall event is becoming a mainstay on the ride calendar. Howard Entman, Mike Kneebone, and their staff of volunteers always put on a great event and a very special SS1000 and BBG ride each year. And this years’ event is adding a day in order to accommodate some LD rider educational seminars, an aux light show and demonstration, and more tire kicking than ever. Rumor has it that Danny Dossman will be handling the ride details this year. Don’t miss it. More details later.

That’s all we have for now. This message has been a service of the Southern Long Riders Association, which doesn’t have a website yet. More on that later too.
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Adding some multi-month info per request:

Multi-month rides: (from the Texas area perspective)-

  • SCMA Four Corners Tour: (Jan 1 – Dec 31) - You have 21 days to complete a visit to the four corners of the United States. Of course if you are starting in or around Texas you’re going to get a lot of riding in just getting to the first corner and then back home at the end. Details are here: http://sc-ma.com/rides/usa-four-corners-tour-site/

  • 2018 Big Money Rally: (Jan 1 – May 26) - The BMR is in its’ 7th year I believe and is an amazing way to get yourself off the couch and riding around the country. There are many bonus locations in and around Texas. RenoJohn has teamed with the likes of Jeff Earls, Jim Owen and Mike Kneebone (to name a few) to come up with some really cool themes this year. Check it out. https://bigmoneyrally.com/2018/?page_id=33103

  • 2018 Tour of Honor: (Apr 1 – Oct 31) - I just checked the website and there are almost 500 riders registered so far. This ride features bonus sites (really memorial sites to give them proper credit) that honor those who serve and protect. And part of your registration fee goes to charity. What a great way to honor and help others and do so on two wheels. Check it out. http://tourofhonor.com/index.html

No excuses. See you on the road!