Thanks for the memories. BBR


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Last weekend if your not aware, the BBR was run.
I would like to thank Mark for creating the rally that offered many routes to possible success, managing a 7 hour rest bonus and high number of daylight only was a difficult puzzle.
The rally team for your hard work.
And to Phil for steering the ship that delivered a great really.

Steve Kirk well done, it was great that a new name will be on the winners trophy and roll of honour. We finished at the same time and both us I would say have looked better. Debi's reaction was true Debi I won't forget it.

One last thing the rally only works if you enter, when I entered my first BBR in 2009 I applied, then my name was put in a draw which was done on Christmas Eve this created the feeling that it was special to enter the BBR. Although we don't do a draw any more, the rally is still special. We need you to enter and be on the start line. This rewards the rally master and rally team. Come on enter next year, if your worried about the distance or lack of sleep you control that by planning your own route. Just remember it's a motorcycle ride.


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"19th in the Iron Butt European Tour '14 (my only claim to fame)"

Just noticed this and I have to say I disagree ......


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With the fact that Wully believes that is his "only claim to fame".

However, the apparent "defensive" response is noted ...... ;):p


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For the life of me, I can't find the sentence 'my only claim to fame'

Maybe I'm going blind as well as daft.

Not defensive, John, I was just curious.