The Ink's Still Wet....

Russ Black

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As a kid I was at a public swimming pool that also has a concession stand. I had the money my mom gave me in the pocket of my swim suit. She had received them from her bank the day before. They were new $1 bills with consecutive serial numbers. I had been in the pool earlier but had been out long enough that my suit was dry but the money was still a little damp. As I was presenting the money to the cashier, I told her that it was good and that I had printed it up that morning. She refused to take them.
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If someone does that holding up shite to check watermarks or the like I make a big fuse and do it with any change they give me.

However, Apple Pay has taken that little avenue of revenge away.......


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Checking your change is not a bad thing, I was passed a few dud pound coins in a bar in Oxfordshire.... I knew they were dud as a friend had recently had one of their business tenants raided for counterfeiting... pound coins.... and I had been shown the proof!
The guy wouldn't believe me so I demonstrated the test to prove it.... he was a bit shocked.....

Not so easy with the threepenny bit version to forge them though....