The No Ride Rally


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I have emailed the rally team as I have not received any communication from you

Edit: Thanks for the reply with my total. I scored more than I credited myself with.
However I don't understand the DNF status as I complied with the published rules.

2nd Edit.


now I understand
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Robert Higgs

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Bob and Rally Team,

Thank you for organising the "no ride" rally, great fun and if a few things went wrong, well, hey, we just have to accept the fact that we're all fallible and that's just part of being human. As a relative novice with the IBA with one Iceni, one Jorvik and BBL2019 under my belt I plucked up courage entered the BB2020. The "no ride" provided useful practice for it and gave me a few banana skins for me to slip up on which have been committed to memory and, hopefully, I won't repeat on the real thing (although we didn't have to contend with fatigue, foul weather, satnavs playing up, etc which will, no doubt, also play a part in proceedings!). Well, I've still got to improve my route planning and find out how to get inside the mind of the rally master to maximise my points tally (it's bit like a killer Sudoku puzzle, really) but all in good time.

Take care, nil illegitimi carborundum,

Rob :)