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While I haven't read all of Crappy's report yet I'm wondering if I'm the only one who picked up a problem with one of the bonus photo's...

;) :eek:

It'll only be those with an eagle eye and who visited said bonus who will notice.

Clue - its early on.

I'll reveal later.

PS It will make not one iota of difference to results etc - a great ride


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Foot missing in SMR?
no, not that petty :(:)

I only noticed coz I looked at my photos several minutes before. working on my write up, then you should see it.

PS. Only mentioning coz of the training aspects. There's a lot I learnt on this rally that will help me (and others) down the track. Trying to evidence same in my writeup


great write ups Lynne and Crappy, thank you both. So much information for others here and more to come too. Thank you all again for sharing


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I thought the Tattlers sign required was on the left hand side of the drive not the right.
No - just evidence of being there (as evidenced (see what I did there :) ) with slightly different versions of signs at different places.

The trick was evidencing you were somewhere.

But, some of the locations had specific evidence required. i.e Take a snap of a specific thing....


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Cleared the Calendar, left Melbourne Docklands Thursday @ 4pm, Off the Hume @ Winton, Fuel @ Mulwala BP, dinner @ Oaklands @ 7.50pm, tested the Erica’s from there on (man were they worth the coin!) travelling Urana / Lockhart/ Collingullie/ Wagga before stopping at only open pub in Junee right on 10pm.

Chatted to a few Train Drivers, one of whom rode bikes, and changed up the route the next day from one that had me take the Olympic Highway to one that took me via

Harden>Boorowa>Crookwell>Taralga>Oberon>Bathurst>Sofala>Rylstone>Bylong>MuswellBrook>Scone>Moona n Flat>Barrington Tops>Gloucester>Nabiac>Taree.

This route was a LOT longer that I’d planned on, so a 6.00 am departure was in store. Between Boorowa and Crookwell (at about 7.30 in the morning) I noticed what was a strangely parked car near a tree. Looping back I could see the car had missed the approach corner from the side road and come off second best. No police tape, no blood, but decent damage and dirt debris suggested it had happened overnight. Taking the line that “Everyone else thinks someone else has rung it in” I then rang it in to the local station. Phone diverted to Cootamundra the officer there thought she’d heard something about it and would check. Good enough for me.

Bit of a powernap in Black Springs and I felt that I had to be in Scone by 2pm to give enough time for Barrington Tops and make dinner. Very enjoyable run through the Bylong Valley Way (can’t believe I’ve never been through there) had me in Scone for 2.10pm Quick beer at Moonan Flat and across the Tops it was. Spotted a ‘roo in the state forest section (near where MyLord came to grief) but otherwise a lovely Friday arvo run through a particularly scenic neck of the woods.

Other have spoken of dinner etc – great to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere etc, as well as have other fix problems with my bike (another regular occurrence…..)
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Let me consult during polite hours and I'll put the rest up tomorrow night!


(AKA I'll ring Lynne and Michael......:):))


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Derrick that first Kendall had us all running around ,cost me 30 mins, easy mistake to make. I made lots worse.


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Thanks to all for their ride reports it's been really interesting to read the thought processes of the different ringers. This was my first rally and as such had no frame of reference to process the vast amount of info we were given at the start, but ,you are only brand new once. I am still doing the post mortem on this event ,the many errors I made ,not least of which was forgetting to fuel in the middle of the night , which cost an hour. I think the most beneficial time I spent over the rally was the 30 mins taken at Denman to plug in my pc and eat breakfast. A rethink and I realised that I could score more points on my return leg and for half the kilometres,could have slept an extra 2 hrs as well. More points.The original route was never going to complete before the penalty window.
I pulled into the car park back at Taree where Cuddles ,Milady and Ox were waiting, Annette asked me if I'd had fun, I replied " not sure I'd call it fun but that doesn't mean I wouldn't do it again". A lot of folk have told me this caper is addictive and I can now see that, you just want to do better and the opportunities are fairly limited.
The first conversation I had after stopping the clock was with Fatman and promptly found out I'd toasted the 3000 pointer at the beginning, nothing to do but laugh. I had been very careful even In the highly stressed moments, to make sure there were no mistakes on my ride log , more points ,so had nothing left to do but sit at the scoring table. Lost another 500 for leaving out the state on the first call in bonus, which I realised while sending the second one, and I was done and a finisher. Big relief.
I learnt a huge amount thru this excersize and would again like to thank all involved for their time energy and experience and the willingness to share it.


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I’d managed to “borrow” my son’s spare laptop for the TAR Rally. Having used paper maps in conjunction with Google Maps at the previous rally it was time to semi-join the 21st century. But, still no GPS, apart from Here Maps & Google Maps on the Samsung Phone. Since I wouldn’t be uploading waypoints I spent some time while coding the points value in reviewing where (in a general kind of sense) things (bonii) where.

I’d started crossing out pages in the rally book once they were outside the “rubber band” (aka undoable). I almost got caught out here on the BAN04 bonus, but a re-reading later on while looking at combo’s had me catching it.


-Any time spent with BaseCamp for familiarity won’t hurt and I plan to use it for every ride now to help with just that

-Changing Profiles helps (though you need to be mindful whether all roads on your route were born equal with respect to average achievable rate of knots (AAROK)

-There’s multiple ways to skin the cat. In hindsight a thorough reading of the rally book would have highlighted threads etc that may have been coded differently. But that will depend on each rally


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Rally Proper

Even though I’d identified the bonus just to the north as a potential out of the gate bonus I headed south to the Abacus. (I thought it might better qualify as a “if I get back with time to spare it will be a good capture then” style bonus).

I was one of the “early birds” but a re-reading of the bonus and awareness of general “milling around” of others had me re-submit at the correct time.

Out to Old Bar, and benefitted from being fourth in a line of bikes when the first two missed the corner to the Tavern. Quick photo with Damien, chat with his sponsor from “Ray White Real Estate” and back to the bike.

Crappy had parked in front and when he asked “Are you heading North?” I said “Yes, though my plan was to just follow you around!” (Maybe I should’ve done just that!)

Just to show how flexible my mindset was I changed my mind about the bonus in Cundleton. I ‘d realised this was a potentially tricky/time sapping bonus, and, after benefitting from other people at Old Bar and knowing I could use the second Taree northbound exit I decided to grab it now. (I also know I have a history of staying late and cutting things and the 800 points in under ½ an hour was worthwhile.)

Trouble was: I went to the wrong park (No GPS remember) and parked because I saw two obelisks with plaques. After de-helmeting (it was hot) I was less than thrilled to see that neither were on the list, and a lap of the park saw me find a third plaque also not on the list!. Damn you Milady!

Google Maps to the rescue, and then I saw KiwiMartin, Biggles and JeffTheChef looking for the right plaques. They’d found one, and I’d spotted what I thought was the other one as I rode up to them.

At the second photo requirement I wondered if this was a deliberate placement given our MobMaster’s sense of humour.

Ok, time to head north. I was happy to see Cassegrain Wines signposted from the freeway, so a quick in and out was in order.

Too early for a hotdog I got back on the freeway. I’d decided that a Fish and Chip shop or a Roadhouse with a “Fast food” sign were easy/the best candidates for a hot dog. Now to find one within the next hr and a half. It didn’t have the points for a much more than an “on the way” type of bonus.

Kempsey came along and the Caltex appeared. Here’s where a bit of experience paid off. I first checked if they had Hot dogs – yes but they’d be a 5 minute wait. No problem – I’ll get fuel even though I didn’t need to just yet. Grabbing my flag and camera I got the teenage clerk to take my photo (and re-issue the receipt since I hadn’t asked for one previously) .

Scoffed down the Hot dog (FYI -it wasn’t gourmet!) and pulled back onto the highway just in front of KiwiMartin and Biggles (and somewhat behind what I thought was Ron (GreyGentry) at the time. (It wasn’t.)

Not familiar with Pacific Hwy etiquette I slowed enough to let Kiwimartin take the lead. Around here I was a) realising why Dorrigo Coach House was a daylight only bonus! and b) doing the math on arrival times in Queensland and realised that I’d have a time to spare, and while I hadn’t planned on hitting Dorrigo it was likely that a loop in and re-joining the highway further north would make sense and not cost too much time.

I was being a bit cheeky, by hanging behind the others I was going to take a last minute exit and confound them but alas they also took the exit and so I followed them all the way into Dorrigo. Coach house and Soldier photo’s taken

There was opposing GPS views of where to go next and so I followed Biggles out of town. I knew there was a school photo in Dorrigo so I doubled back while Biggles continued on. Just to show how close it was for daylight the flash went off at the school location. The photo below doesn’t do that justice

It was only here that I had the chance to figure out how to get back on the highway. Ebor made sense and so out there we went.
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Biggles taking his photo as I arrived and KiwiMartin pulling in as I repacked. Biggles tried to talk me into doing the Armidale bonus before heading north, arguing that it was only 80kms, that the Tweed Heads area bonii were only 270 kms and we had time to do both.

I was sure we didn’t have the time so I bade Biggles farewell and headed into what I thought was a fairly major road. Yeah, not so much…. I did follow a 4wd travelling at recommended speeds through the corners for the first set of twisties, but soon realised I could do better with my new Erica’s and that the road was going to take longer than I thought.

As I pushed on I came across a bushfire down in a valley. Ignoring the damage and threat to life for a moment, it was really quite the sight as fire was from ground level to tree top and across a wide front.

Next excitement was the St Helena Tunnel on the highway. It was very “Turrell Esque” , what with the darkness, the effect of the Erica’s on my eyes and the tunnel all to myself. (As a side note there’s a Turrell installation at the NGA in Canberra that is well worth the look at dawn or dusk).

In my head I had to be in Currumbin Waters at 11pm AEST (NSW time). Since the run to Grafton had taken longer than expected (and I’d detoured through Ballina in search of fuel) I thought I was cutting it close as I pulled in to find no WBC ATM, and a question to someone at the CBA ATM told me more ATM’s were around the corner. Seeing the NAB ATM I grabbed it and it was only then realised I was 33 mins before the cutoff , and not 3 mins like I thought. A quick photo to prove the WBC ATM was inside the shopping centre and not outside and off to the 2nd companion bonus.

Quite happy with myself at this point =;^)) I couldn’t find the Southbound freeway entrance. Seeing a local I asked her how to get there (breaking my number one rule – locals never know where anything is!), she was quite helpful and before I knew it I was southbound.

Into Tweed Heads South I was relying on my spidey senses to find the NAB ATM. I saw Biggles parked at the Shell servo but went onwards before realising I’d gone too far. Google maps got me to the Tweeds Head South Public school where Biggles informed me of the Coles ATM (previously NAB) at the Shell down the street.

ATM receipt and refuelling complete (since I was there) I also swapped a $50 note for change for a teenager before asking the attendant where I might be able to find accommodation. Kingscliff and Pottsville were their ideas and so off I went. All the motels in Ballina had had No Vacancy signs out so I thought that I’d better grab what I could. The motels in Tweed Heads were full, the pub in Kingscliff (while rocking at 1am) couldn’t offer any useful ideas so a run down the Tweed heads coastal road was in order.

I did briefly consider sleeping on the beach along here, it was a 20 deg night and what a story I thought. Trouble was I wasn’t desperate enough for sleep at this stage and was quietly confident of snagging a motel room somewhere. After ending up in a residential area in Pottsville I got the shits and got back on the highway. Stopping at the “Sleepy Hollow” rest area,153.5206694,15.25z

I felt that I could do better. Replan time. Since I’d picked up Dorrigo heading north I needed to rejig my southbound plan. Bonuses at Lismore and Armidale led me to the decision to head that way, figuring these towns were off the (main) highway and a better chance.

Of the 5 motels in Lismore 4 had the NO Vacancy Sign out and the 5th had no night bell, no phone number, and no one poke their head out as I did a lap of the place. (In hindsight this was sleep opportunity passed up). Decision made to head on, I’m a natural night owl and wasn’t tired. A couple of local girls directed me to the Uni (also a sleep opportunity but I figured they’d have security and I’d get rousted) and onto Casino.

On the way out of Lismore I spotted another motel, again no night bell and as I pulled back onto the highway I made way for a car coming past and therefore had a Police escort to Casino. It was a Police car and I had no reason to be overtaking them @ 3.20 in the morning….

Into Casino and I had 15 mins to either find a proper bed or somewhere else to nap. Same deal, NO Vacancy signs or no night bell and so the Maccas carpark it was.

I was a bit wired up, but also cognisant that if I were to have some proper rest it needed to be soon. Daylight would see people, and there was an abundance of birds in the area. On that note I walked down the street to 200+ birds sleeping? on the electricity wires. This was a phot I thought our rallymasters would enjoy. I didn’t send them this (which is the actual photo I took!)

But, it gets better. Not 45 seconds after taking the photo, crossing the street, and starting the walk back to the bike I managed to startle said 200+ birds into flight, and as it turns out, into shitting on everything below. It was only deft movement and shop awnings that saved me from having a souvenir from that one.

After 1.5 hrs sleep I arose to some joyful sole who, by way of opening the conversation, said “We lost 2 of you fella’s last week”. He went on to mention “b doubles” and “Pacific Hwy” but he’d lost from the get go. Other conversations followed (I had to find out what sort of tree I’d camped under (a Mango) to close out a conversation with LTP and Milady), the other memorable one being with some fella who “was going to be having breakfast with the local head of the Hwy Patrol who’d mentioned to him just yesterday that NSW’s finest were blanketing the region”. This lost its impact when I spotted him inside Macca’s with two blokes, neither under the age of 75…….

Here’s where it got “interesting”. Basecamp had it at 600 odd kms and 6.5 hrs to the barn. John “Enterprise” Inkson’s ears would have been burning as I cursed his “tip” to customise the travel times for different types of roads the day before. All well meaning, but I knew that, with adding in fuel stops, the occasional bonus photo etc I would be struggling to make the 2pm pre deduction curfew. NB. There was an easier way – drop out to Grafton and rejoin the Pacific, but that had very little appeal. I was probably most bummed about realising that “Thunderbolts Way” was out of reach and I’d have to do the Oxley. As my 13 year old daughter regularly reminds me “First world problems – am I right?”

I’d spent several hours on the way to Casino dicking around looking for proper accommodation that, in retrospect, would have better off either making tracks or having a nap. Call it schoolies/unfamiliarity with the area/not carrying even a sleeping mat on this trip but here I was.

I did the numbers, it was still worth seeing out the 4 hr rest bonus vs using the time to get back closer to 2pm. And I used the time wisely – breakfast/bio/teeth/deodorant/visor/maps/route firming up.

After being there 4 hrs you’d have thought I’d have noticed you couldn’t turn right from the main entrance…..

No sign of the winery somewhere between Glen Innes & Guyra? I didn’t have time to pull up Google maps, and by then I was probably behind my Police Candy car escort into Armidale.

UNINE bagged, off to Walcha. By 10.30 in the morning I’d realised that I’d be into penalty points. The only question was, how far? Into DNF territory? Fuel and evaporative aircon sorted in Walcha, I still had the thought “If I have a good run through the Oxley I’m a small chance to make it on time”.

So I was more than happy to see that a) there’s sections that are 100kph signposted, b) the actual twisties bit was shorter than I recall c) there was no real traffic and d) the smoke wasn’t too bad and that road wasn’t closed due to the bushfire BURNGING UP TO THE NOTHERN EDGE OF THE ROAD the night before!

Bummed at missing the Winery near Guyra, but cognisant of the fact I had no time at all for messing around I was only stopping at the Yarrowitch Skool if it was signposted. Past the church (which I didn’t know was the GPS co-ordinates) and out of the locality signs I then saw a “School” sign. I used 5 minutes braking, u-turning, locating and evidencing the school.

And then I spent the next 2 hours and 11 minutes wondering whether that was 5 minutes I’d live to regret (and that was before the twisties/fire/traffic etc etc!). I also couldn’t recall whether the Pacific Hwy from Port Macquarie to Taree was 80kph roadworks or 110 kph freeway…

By the time I hit Long Flat I was more than ready for an ale.

But, I didn’t have the time…

I was happy that moments after pulling onto the freeway it turned into a 110 kph zone. And it wasn’t till I had several minutes up my sleeve on a 80 vs 110 kph zone average that I felt I might actually make it back on time.

Off at the Cundleton/Nth Taree exit and, with a favourable run of lights and traffic, into the car park with a 2.57pm timestamp!!

Scoring seemed relatively simple, in that it was more about having evidence on the spot, rather than making sure evidence was somewhere people could find it on a usb/camera/sd card etc

net total was 29.000 (that was after my 5,600 point late deuction)


-I was glad that I’d hit the Cundleton bonus (HK02) on the way out of town 24 hrs ago rather than on the way back in (coz that wouldn’t have happened)

-Armidale to Grafton is a road that is fun, day or night, if you have the time….

-I would have been better off biting the bullet and IB Motel resting rather spending the time on a 24 hr rally trying to find a hotel. I’d been lulled into false security in recent rally’s by having the time/local knowledge to find a place in advance. On this one I thought I was in touristy enough areas/on a major highway to find a cheapo room when I needed it. This is a key difference between the States and Aus, and also something that is easier to deal with on longer rallies where I might spend every second night with a proper sleep. It didn’t affect me on the Sunday, but I was happy to have the motel pre booked that night!

-Never give up. At any point after 8am Sunday an extra 3-4 minutes spent lollygagging around would have cost me a finish. I was prepared for that, but at the same time part of what we do (and what Crappy so eloquently spoke of on Saturday) is just seeing if it can be done. I was genuinely surprised to see the ETA when I opened the computer on Sunday morning, but rather than take the soft option I went out hunting bonus points and trying to maximise the whole time/bonus point / road matrix.

-Proper Motorcycle GPS would have made life a lot simpler. Adding waypoints, being able to choose a route that was more “finicky” than a relatively out and back one, finding waypoints and not being beholden to a 6 yr old phone that loses power more quickly than it gets charge when on GPS (and which also struggle do charge when not on GPS) were all thigs that would have made things easier.

-The Tiger is the right bike for the mix of riding I do at the moment. The Erica’s make the world of difference. I need to give thought to the seat.
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Training (yes this should have gone above the posts above, but I'm a newb and it disappeared! Honest!!

dammit - duplicate post!
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Had an early dinner with PhilMor, Ron & JefftheChef at the Sailo’s on Sunday night. In bed by 9.30pm the plan was to see how long I slept for and then go from there. The forecast had 36+ degrees forecast for the Olympic Way, but I also loathed the idea of Sydney on a weekday and the Hume in daylight. Though this way would open the option for a Snowy mountain diversion if the God’s co-operated.

Awaking at 5.30 am (the damn birds) I thought Gloucester, Bylong Valley and suck the heat up. Opened the door to fog. Highway it is. By southern end of Taree the fog’s lifted – Gloucester here we come. Turn right at the roundabout and see it’s 70 kms to Gloucester and think “I can’t afford to spend an hr going 70 km in twisties at this time of the morning in what may be fog with 1200 kms+ to travel today and work tomorrow” and a u-turn see’s me back on the highway.

Surprised by the small amount of traffic, and doing the numbers that sees me hit Sydney after/near the end of peak hour I suck it up and head in. At Newcastle overhead signs start warning of “Extensive Delays – Take Pacific Highway” and I start thinking “Bloody Karmic Retribution” while I try and figure out a) where Mount White is b) what does “Extensive” mean in NSW RMS language and c) wasn’t I already on the Pacific?

All was revealed in 2 * 10 minute bank-ups that I lane split through. That’s all? I do worse than that on the way to work everyday…

Replan in Campbelltown and it’s off to Goulburn, then the backway to Canberra via Tarago and Bungendore. A bit of nap and a chat here and ten skirt Canberra outskirts to Tharwa. Road to myself, a little bit of good dirt and into Adaminaby. That was the plan, but I ended up in Cooma. Took me a full 2 minutes to realise I’d buggered up somewhere. Even though I’d been in both not 3 weeks before I still thought “Gee the schools bigger than I give Adaminaby credit for” “Why is the XYZ COOMA Church in Adaminaby” “This is a bigger town than I gave Adaminaby credit for 3 weeks ago” before I realised that I’d screwed up. Easy 1 hr added to the day.

Refuelled (this is important) then up the Snowy Mountain Highway to the Kiandra/Cabramurra Turnoff. Sent Milady a snap, unknowing that Cabramurra was actually a bonus location on the rally.

Google maps told me it was 15 mins quicker to head out to the Elliot way if I wanted to hit Tintaldra, so off we went that way..

Trouble was, hot as it was, the pub’s shut on a Monday. With no other choice but to head on I found this sight 20 kms down the road.

Actually killed the engine, coz it was a standoff till them Had a chat to the farmer who was a) appreciative for stopping since most motorcyclists try and force the issue, with some even revving engines etc trying to enforce their perceived “ownership” of the road and b) letting me know there’s little enforcement but that the road is also pretty cut up till back on the highway.

Quick stop at Koetong Pub, only open on a Monday because they had a contracting team in, and back into it!8m2!3d-36.1526616!4d147.4937911

Missed the servo in Yackandandah (closed) though I did use the situation to stop and get an entrée size bite at the Star Hotel. Used the 3.5 litres (again important) I’d been carting around for 3,500+ kms in the ROTOPAX to top up the tank, thinking “Great – I’ll top up at the BP in Glenrowan and be home in 1 stop since it’s only about 50 kms from here”.

Trouble was, its 69.2 kms from where I topped up. And my speed was above where it could have been if I knew that. And that I only filled the ROTOPAX to 3.5 litres rather than its 3.8 litre capacity given temperature changes expected.

Which is all a long way of saying I ran out of fuel this “-“ close to the BP

20 mins spent unloading the ROTOPAX, doing the walk of shame with my ROTOPAX, fuelling, paying, retracing the walk of shame, refuelling, repacking and then topping off the tank.

Simple run home from there, although it was 1am by the time I wandered in the door….



Just want to join the chorus and thank Milady for seeing it through when circumstances would have easily let it fall by the wayside. TigerBill for efforts behind the scenes, all the Drovers for their efforts/coaching/manning locations/phones etc and other particpants for the comaradierie etc

What’s next?
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Great report Derrick what an adventure , what a ride! I can't wait to see what you can do with a GPS .
Mate make sure you have my address next time you head North couple of spare beds or big fig trees to sleep under if you prefer.

Couldn't see your photos yet did I get the wrong plaque ?


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Great report Derrick what an adventure , what a ride! I can't wait to see what you can do with a GPS .
Mate make sure you have my address next time you head North couple of spare beds or big fig trees to sleep under if you prefer.

Couldn't see your photos yet did I get the wrong plaque ?
All ---------

Let me say this - if peeps can't see photo's now I may well give up the internet!!

Crappy---(and others .......)

I struggle with the GPS on a cost/use basis. I can see the different use cases, and on a rally like this it costs time, and can influence route decisions. i.e hit 25 out of the way locations or 10 that will stand out like the proverbials.....;););)

If I moved to Sydney or Bris/BrisVegas I'd be all over one (add the Barossa to that list i ALWAYS get lost going through there!). But for day to day I don't get lost on the 10 kms to work (1 set of lights on the freeway and 2 sets at the other end), or wandering around Vic/Southern NSW/Sa. I can get through / around Sydney/Brisbane (around being my preference since these are holiday days if I'm that far from home - love working for the man o_O o_O).

Even on the outback trip it was good to be on paper maps (though there was one time (at band camp) where I pulled out the gps on theDelorme to make sure i was on the right track. But I did have plenty of food/fuel water at that point, just running out of daylight ;););)

I will def's get your address if within 500kms and needing a bed - the fig tree is quite a shady number!

And yes. There was 4 or 5 plaques in the park - I was lucky and got there when the other fella's had ruled out 3 and ridden past the other one :):):)

No way I could have hit that on the way in in 2 mins......

I'm sorta looking fwd to a GPS, and sorta enjoy not having it......