The tradition carries on Dec 2018 Ride to Eat


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Happy Boxing Day everyone...

I like Calais so have no problem if it continues but... if there was to be a change Saint Omer would be my choice. I’m sure many have been there if not just through it. It’s 40 mins along the A26 from Calais.

I believe it has a small Christmas market in the town centre and there are a few restaurants and bars. Probably even one, someone..... could be seen dancing in.....!

There are two Ibis hotels, one is a budget and the other a standard Ibis, both have parking. The std Ibis is situated between the cathedral and the market square (on there is a pic of a couple of GS’s in the car park).



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St Omer looks good but either will do for me.
A change may be good to freshen things up a bit and if you let me come along i promise not to dance again. EVER !


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Calais is convenient - not to mention not having to ride very far to reach the tunnel when the snow is coming down heavily on Sunday morning! Happy to have a change of scenery, too. Not been to Saint-Omer, so I can't offer an opinion. Boulogne also has a nice 'old town' part - not sure about hotels, though.