Theme for 2018 or 2019?


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Hi Everyone,
Was chatting with friends last night and the subject of enclaves came up.
It occurred to me that it might make an RTE theme for a future year.
Places like:
  • Llivia (Spanish enclave in France)
  • Baarle-Hartog (Belgian enclave in Netherlands)
  • Jungholz (Austria / Germany)
  • Campione d'Italia (Italy / Switzerland)
  • Medurjecje (Bosnia / Serbia)
  • Ceuta (Spain / Morocco)......easy ferry ride.
and so on......
There's even the smallest one: Ruckschlag near Monschau consists of just one house and garden.
Flexibility with location of hotels is probably a necessity butI thought i'd put it out there.


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I was thinking about principalities, San Marino has been, Andorra to come.... Malta could be interesting to get to. Lichtenstein and Monaco..

But I think your list JB is probably better, particularly the last one, Ceuta, looks very interesting..

michiel kerkhof

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Keep them coming boys dont be shy!! I like the idea but Marocco isn't really a part of europe...Ceuta is though so cud combine with some Atlas riding in a feb weekend??Medurjecje sounds cool and not too expensive...Baarle I know pretty daughter lives 5 km from there....sofar I was thinking about cheese....european cheese of cours none of that Cheddar,besides you're outside of europe now! Had Gouda in mind which happens to be a nice town....Parmazan in Italy Feta in Greece obviously France and either Danish blue or some Spanish Cheesy town......just keep trowing ideas around!!
Well, done Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, JB says nothing in Liechtenstein, but hayho & Gibraltar? Like the going to see something different themes.

John Broom

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Theme for 2020? Maybe European Ports? 1) Antwerp 2)Jade Wesser Port, Wilhelmshaven, 3)Marseille 4)Gothenburg 5) Rijecka Luca, Croatia or Thessaloniki, Greece. Or have they been done before? Just a thought, could be interesting. All ports have hotels and pubs, what else do we need!