Traxx 2017 Trophy SE Farkling.


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Got the power for the heated under Roos in place.
Added a voltmeter/usb outlet and swapped in a Zero gravity 680cca restart battery.



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Obviously your not running a tank bag for all your little bits and pieces. On mine I've fitted the R & G crash bars, pipe and radiator protectors, a Australian Headlight Protectors headlight cover, a pair of LED Rider, LX5 LED lights under the rearview mirrors plus a smaller pair on brackets on the fork lowers. Also a few of the IBA membership here in Australia have fitted [mine is under the left headlight on a small bracket] a vehicle reversing beeper. This is for alerting wildlife [kangaroos] to our approaching. We have found that they work best between 80 - 95 kilometres per hour, any faster and your over running the noise. They don't prevent strikes by any means, but we've found those grazing on the road edge move away as they hear the beeping. Don't know how the'd workwith your 4 legged beasts over there but every bit helps.


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I have tried the deer whistles and other noise makers and lots of lights and so on and so on, it seems like nothing works. The best thing here is to slow down, lots of lights and a huge bumper. I can do 2 of those things with the Trophy. Here in Tejas, its not just the deer but the hogs (wild pigs) that are much more solid than the deer.
Nope no tank bag, but I do have a tail/passenger seat bag.