UK Premier Program protocol / ride certification


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Hi all,

This is in no way a complaint, just seeking to understand if/how there is any direct benefit for UK members in the Premier Program.

I signed up to Premiere earlier in the year, happy to support the IBA. It seems there's direct benefits for US members but it's unclear if these apply in the UK. Most notably, "Fast-track certification".

Are UK members eligible for "Fast-track certification"? If so, how? Do we submit via the US system or do we need to do something different when submitting here?



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Hi there,

We don't have 'fast-track' certification in the UK, everyone is treated the same; people send me the documentation of their rides and I check them, in the order I receive them. We don't get anywhere near the volume of rides that they do in the US - although, since lockdown was released, I've had more than 20 rides submitted!