Welcome to the South Australia Muster 2020

Destination for 2020 Muster is : Naracoorte South Australia

Date: Saturday 4th April 2020

Venue: Naracoorte Hotel Motel, 73 Ormerod Street, Naracoorte South Australia
PH : (08) 8762 2400 E: [email protected]


Clarification of Changes to the 2020 Muster are as follows

You do not have to do an IBA ride to the Muster, although you are encouraged to do so.

If you do an IBA ride it must be completed on Saturday 4th April 2020, then you apply for the ride certification afterwards as per normal IBA ride guidelines

Partners are encouraged to attend; all you need to do is register them through Jason Jonas Ride Master and pay a separate registration fee of $10 for a non rider (refer to Rules #2 on muster link below)

You can invite a riding friend to attend the Muster but they must do an IBA ride with you and register also with Jason Jonas Ride Master, a registration fee of $20 will apply (refer to Rules #2 on muster link below)

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Wonderful location, really looking,forward to this.

I reckon Jeltje and I might turn it into a holiday and I'll do a loop out of the place for the actual muster.

I dunno Tele, I have no idea of that date either, but I'll just block it out and hopefully fend off all challenges to the date.


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I am struggling to sort out my calendar for the next 3 weeks. April 2020 seems like a lifetime away .... assuming I live that l long.
So start your leave plan now mate. Little hints then some mention of a few weekend rides then about August ramp it up. September you need to put it in writing after a week of coffee shouts.

That bit about living long enough.
You'll shit it in.
For anyone whom reads that last line and feels uncomfortable? well its a metric measure of ballast. We make ballast.
Ballast makes the world go round so thats a good thing.