Wells-Next-The-Sea 2020-07-04 12 noon


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How about an RTE in a venue where we can distance and either bring our own food or a take away chippie in a central location where as many as possible can out and back in a day unless camp sites/hotels ect are open for business.

http://plattensfishandchips.co.uk/ Wells-next-the-sea for this Plattens 12a The Quay NR231AH

12 noon Saturday 4th July 2020

1. John Morning
2. Bob Stammers
3. Mark Fowler
4. Mark Collins
5. John Parsell
6. Phil Weston
7. Steve Westall
8. Graham Small
9. Mark Calpin
10. Kim Leeson
11. John Cunniffe
12. Jonathan Baker
13. John Cross
14, 15. Graeme & Sally
16, 17. Steve & Debi (with cake)
18. Peter Perfect

Currently it is a criminal offence to
meet outdoors in a group of more than 6 people who are not in your household or support bubble
Incite others to break the rules by eg inviting people to a party

If that advice does not change this RTE will not go ahead with more than 6 people

Philip Weston
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Just call it John. I'll probably come, maybe others will as well. We can but try.
strangley i was thinking along similar lines ride to eat "picnic" plenty of open moorland in the north west. might need to fetch brollies raining again here. Also pretty sure we can only meet with the max of 6 people 2 metres apart, which sort of limits things a bit. it would seem lots of over people are doing this ribble head was pretty full the other day. ice cream and butty van open?

We'd probably need to invent something to protest about or do eye tests to avoid prosecution for breaking the rules ;)


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I looked at the chippie in Hawes there is a cafe opposite and Hawes creamery is 1/2 a mile away they are all opening this week the only problem is on a normal Saturday the place is rammed with bikers and its all opening this week we'll be lucky to get in the town so maybe a chippie/cafe or whatever on the coast, more research back soon.


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Two choices for a fish n chip run
No1 @ New st Cromer NR279HP five minutes walk away Starvin Marvin NR279AR https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place...1fe4c8873f07e37a!8m2!3d52.9332257!4d1.2968471 they both do take away from 12 noon the latter could be the best bet as there is room to maintain distance and groups of six as per instructions with two shops to choose from this will keep the que's to a minimum i am going to visit next Tuesday for a look around to see if the car parks are open ect.
Second choice
The chippie Hawes Market pl DL83QX Across the road Penny Garth cafe both are open for take away Sat 1130 am- 2pm there is a small car park between the chippie and the public toilet also a larger one a couple of minutes walk away.
Just up the road is the Wensleydale creamery Gayle Ln Hawes DL83RN if you like a bit of fancy mousetrap, Read this
Can one you that are local to Hawes go for a look around on a Saturday and let us know if car parks are open and how crowded it's likley to be. ta:)
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Steady on John. I've barely ridden more than 50 miles in one go, for MONTHS now, and you want to ride way up the other end of the country! Anyone would think we were a long-distance riding group;)
Did a recce of the two in Cromer neither is suitable due to limited parking
so a trip west along the coast to Wells-next-the-sea for this Plattens 12a The Quay NR231AH
http://plattensfishandchips.co.uk/ good take away with another two doors down with a cafe two doors down from that car park across the road with plenty of room, a nice gentle warm up Bob ;)
I am busy the rest of this month so how about Saturday 4th July?


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Yes. If the weather is good then there's sitting outside options at the main waterfront at Wells-next-the-Sea. Or an alternative location is another short ride less than a mile north to the Wells Beach Car Park which has a cafe and spaced bench seats too. As I currently live on the outskirts of Norwich I'd be more than happy to come the massive distance to that location. Especially as due to my divorce process I'll be initially moving in with my parents at the end of this month, who live on the west side of Cromer, so would have a massive 21 miles to ride ;) :D