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I heard that if you do a SS1000 or more right now you would not get certified, is this true???
Thanks Ira!!!!
Hi Ira, Just joined the forum a few days ago as I am planning a 100ccc ride. Can I do a 100ccc as a first ride or not? I figured if anyone would know it would be you. I've done 6 1000 in 24, but never registered with IBA, they were only recognized by the local HOG chapter. Have a 1000 Saddlesore and 1500 Bun Burner planned but if I don't need them before the 100ccc, save the miles. Thanks, Dennis Rowe (crowgo).
I am planning a 50 CC from east to west in early April. i will start in Jacksonville. Can I end in San Ysidro, CA? I am combining the 50 CC with a 4 corners ride. Thanks, Rich Henrion
I have several submissions from August that have not been processed and I am premier member. Can you look at mine when you get time. Todd Moreland Thanks Ira
Hello. I submitted a application, proof & check for my Iron Butt ride. Mailed 9-9-19. I see my check hasn’t been cash. Was wondering if this is still being processed or if there is a problem with it. Could someone let me know? Thank you, Paul Steward. Email: [email protected]
Just submitted electronically my Lower Great Lakes SS1000, I have prepared a zipped file of documentation but not sure where to submit it. eStore entry form has no space on the form. Please advise at your convenience.
Hello Ira from Canada. I lost my membership number and I need to buy two IB licence plate. Hopefully, you can help me. My name is Yvon Groulx and my adress is 733 St-Nicholas, St-Colomban, Québec, Canada. J5K 1M7. Thank you
good evening Ira been off-line for a while. would be so kind as to check my profile. i am not sure I got my membership number correct. Also could you change my status to reflect my 2006 join date. thanks
Good afternoon ira i want a iron butt patch and i plan to ride from ogden utah to maine to daytona to utah whatare the requirments ?or can you tell me what web sight i need to go to to see the requirments pease
i am a member but the web site eludes me
hay thanks Peter
Hi Ira
I was referred to you about finding out about getting certified. I completed and submitted documentation for NPT silver in Oct. online ([email protected]) I have not heard anything, is this the correct address, are there file limitations such as type or size? Thank you
Hi Ira,
Thanks for the response to my post. I don't have an IBA number yet (only submitted my first ride report in Oct.) I just tried to get the Premier membership started now, for the upcoming ride season! Let me know what I need to provide. My login on the IBA store is [email protected]
Hi Ira,
Would you PLEASE up-date my status to Premier. Member # 69053. I can email you my premier paid receipt if you need it. THANK YOU!!!