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Good afternoon ira i want a iron butt patch and i plan to ride from ogden utah to maine to daytona to utah whatare the requirments ?or can you tell me what web sight i need to go to to see the requirments pease
i am a member but the web site eludes me
hay thanks Peter
Hi Ira
I was referred to you about finding out about getting certified. I completed and submitted documentation for NPT silver in Oct. online ( I have not heard anything, is this the correct address, are there file limitations such as type or size? Thank you
Hi Ira,
Thanks for the response to my post. I don't have an IBA number yet (only submitted my first ride report in Oct.) I just tried to get the Premier membership started now, for the upcoming ride season! Let me know what I need to provide. My login on the IBA store is
Hi Ira,
Would you PLEASE up-date my status to Premier. Member # 69053. I can email you my premier paid receipt if you need it. THANK YOU!!!
Hi Ira, Thanks for the ADD.. Could you help out to edit the name in the profile.

Today Jasson Quiney text me and need my help for his saddle Sore 1000. Kindly told me what to do now. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.
Hi Ira, I've upgraded my status to premier but it is not reflecting on my profile details. Can you assist? IBA # 49494
Recently submitted an SS1K , included my IBA#, but did not clarify that I'm a Premier member.
Will that affect the turnaround time?
Probably - there is a special queue for Premier members. But it's still early in the season, so the normal turnaround should be fiarly quick.
Sorry to bother you.
I've forgotten my forum password so cant get into admin.I stay logged in so dont need it often...Help!
Hi Mike, have you any idea how many Russians are likely to attend the RTE in Moscow on 2nd June? Alternatively, how can I contact them and stir it up?
..spring changed into summer, summer changed back into winter, and winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn...
Morning Ira, would you up date my status to Premier please. #54943

Kindly open IBA India and arrange some events. its my honor to work with your organization. Kindly arrange 1 or 2 events in India. I'm ready for taking responsibility for events. Now a days many Bike organization comes India for Business purpose so we miss IBA too.

Santu Sarkar