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  1. Hampe
    Maniacs really needs to think twice before going all crazy...
  2. Miguel Macias
    Miguel Macias Ira
    Recently submitted an SS1K , included my IBA#, but did not clarify that I'm a Premier member.
    Will that affect the turnaround time?
    1. Ira
      Probably - there is a special queue for Premier members. But it's still early in the season, so the normal turnaround should be fiarly quick.
      Jun 3, 2017
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  3. FazerPhil
    FazerPhil Ira
    Sorry to bother you.
    I've forgotten my forum password so cant get into admin.I stay logged in so dont need it often...Help!
  4. saphena
    saphena mkneebone
    Hi Mike, have you any idea how many Russians are likely to attend the RTE in Moscow on 2nd June? Alternatively, how can I contact them and stir it up?
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    2. FazerPhil
      Bob did youget the info?
      Apr 21, 2017
  5. Hampe
    Garmin is a harsh mistress...
  6. Hampe
    ..spring changed into summer, summer changed back into winter, and winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn...
  7. Frog
    Frog Ira
    Morning Ira, would you up date my status to Premier please. #54943
  8. Santu Sarkar
    Santu Sarkar mkneebone

    Kindly open IBA India and arrange some events. its my honor to work with your organization. Kindly arrange 1 or 2 events in India. I'm ready for taking responsibility for events. Now a days many Bike organization comes India for Business purpose so we miss IBA too.

    Santu Sarkar
  9. Hampe
    There is no business like snow business
  10. Santu Sarkar
    Santu Sarkar Michael Kneebone

    Is there any rally in IBA in INDIA. I would like to join your organization permanently to be a premium member. kindly open a IBA in INDIA..
  11. Santu Sarkar
    Santu Sarkar mkneebone

    How i be a part of IBA in India..I want to a premium member of IBA in India..
  12. Hampe
    Ahead of the curve...
  13. Andy Andresen
    Andy Andresen mkneebone
    Hi Mike,

    Andy Andresen here in Newnan GA.


    1. Is there a Hyder Seek in 2017?

    2. It is not explicitly noted, but on the 100 CCC, if the first fuel rec't has a Jacksonville FL address shown is that sufficient to call it a correct coastal city start?
    Likewise, as long as San Diego CA is shown on the west coast is that good?

    See you in March in Jacksonville.

    Andy Andresen #19808
    1. kwthom
      There is a community to the east there in Jax - Jacksonville Beach, FL. This seems to meet the spirit of the ride - a location close to each coast. You'll see it when you go there in March.
      Dec 26, 2016
  14. Hampe
    DNS is a four letter word.
  15. Hampe
    Gravel tends to get under your skin...
  16. Hampe
    "I break for receipts"
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  17. Super8mm
    Super8mm Ira
    Good morning Ira, sorry to hear about the magazine. If I have any refund please put it in the general fund for what ever use you folks need.

    I am peeping 3 bikes for sale and as soon as I get things on order I will sign up for premiere. I don't want to miss a issue as Mr Kneebone said I was one of the first to get the magazine when it was started. :-)
    1. Ira
      Thanks. we appreciate your continuing support.

      May 3, 2016
  18. hsd10
    hsd10 Ira
    I thinking about doing a BBG on my way to Denver. I was going to stop for a night's rest after I passed the 1500 + mile mark. If I can't get a witness to sign for me until I get to Denver but have all my gas receipts showing the miles done in the right # of hours. Will that work for documentation for the BBG.
    1. Ira
      It depends upon how far you are from Denver. If you would be there the next morning, that would be fine.
      Apr 27, 2016
  19. BillC_TX
    BillC_TX Ira
    Hello Ira,

    Would you update my status to Premier Member please?


  20. Hampe
    DNF is a four letter word