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    Matt Wise - 45,000 miles - 45 Days

    After my 50CC last year I can only imagine, having read your report help, what 45 in 45 is like. You are truly an iron Butt.
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    New Member 2014 BusaWing

    All of my early rides (SS1000) were on my Hayabusa. Bigger screen, Heli bars, lowered pegs and a custom seat. I had added electronic cruise control and miles were not a problem. Great machine. When I say early rides they were all after turning 60.
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    What to eat night before Saddle Sore 1000

    I have done several SS1000 rides and last spring did the 50CC. I don't eat anything special the night before and eat lightly while riding. During the SS1000 I always stop for one meal during the day and spend 20 -30 minutes eating and relaxing, then back on the bike. Just enjoy what you eat and...
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    A Leatherneck and an Iron Butt (a Marine attempt at the Iron Butt Association 48 Plus/10 aka 49/10

    I just read your entire post for the second time. So detailed it id hard to take it all in. Did want to make a correction at the beginning. The two mountains in Colorado are the highest mountains with a road to ride to the top. The highest point in the lower 48 states is still Mount Whitney in...
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    My 50CC report and Semi-Truck Abducting Aliens

    Nice report. I too have been fooled by the pass East of San Diego even during what is considered a summer month. Froze my butt off and a few hours later as I entered AZ I was sweating like a pig.
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    How to edit my post

    Thanks guys. I have tried every suggestion made including the requirement to be logged in and I cannot find the edit link. I will try using Chrome and see if that makes a difference. Robert
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    How to edit my post

    Here is a screen shot of the bottom of my original post.
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    How to edit my post

    I just logged in with Chrome and no difference. I am going to my post and have looked at the bottom of the post and also the very bottom of the thread and nothing.
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    How to edit my post

    IE Explorer and yes, I checked that I am signed in. I will give Chrome a try.
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    How to edit my post

    NO menu, no edit, no three dots. I am stumped and this is on a desk top PC.
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    How to edit my post

    In the left bottom corner of what page?I looked all around my posting and I see nothing like you described.
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    Long Distance Endurance Motorcycling - 48 State Challenge!

    Excellent write up. Thanks for all the information.
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    How to edit my post

    I have a long post that I did with cut and paste and some spaces between words disappeared. How can I go back and fix that? Also I put a picture in another post and it appears twice. How can I fix that?
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    My 50CC. I did it.

    Sorry my picture appeared twice. Google Maps...
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    My 50CC. I did it.

    I have a 48 in 10 ride mapped out also. Hopefully next year. Your avatar reminds me a trip and picture I took.