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  • Ira, could I please get my profile updated to show me as a Premier Member? Thanks.
    Hi Ira
    I just renewed by Premier Membership on ironbutt.records. Would you please update my profile to indicate Premier Member and IBR Finisher.
    Thank you and thank you for all you do for IBA.
    Don Duck
    Planning on riding the 50CC next month. I have 3 gas stops slightly over the 350 mile limit, 353, 357 and 366. Is that OK? If not, do the stops have to be for 'gas' or buying something else with a receipt of course.
    Ride Safe,
    Ira, I can't seem to find anything that says I am an IBA member. I don't remember if I received anything when I joined. I had an email saved from you that had some information including my number, I think. Bit a computer problem took that away. How do I find my number and isn't my renewal date soon? Will I get an email about renewing?

    Be fuddled
    Robert, your IBA number is 39422 - you can always go to and click forgot password, and put in your email address and get it emailed to you. You are also a Premier member, so will fix that too. Mike
    hi Ira, hope all is well in your world.
    i Ian McPhee here. mate, i have created a log in but am told i have insufficient priveledges to post.. what am i doing upside down?
    Thank You Ira - You have a lot of work.
    May Be you will change my Status to Premier Member as well? I have this quite new! valid to 1/2/2017 [email protected]
    Yours XBRJo
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