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  • Ira, I can't seem to find anything that says I am an IBA member. I don't remember if I received anything when I joined. I had an email saved from you that had some information including my number, I think. Bit a computer problem took that away. How do I find my number and isn't my renewal date soon? Will I get an email about renewing?

    Be fuddled
    Robert, your IBA number is 39422 - you can always go to and click forgot password, and put in your email address and get it emailed to you. You are also a Premier member, so will fix that too. Mike
    hi Ira, hope all is well in your world.
    i Ian McPhee here. mate, i have created a log in but am told i have insufficient priveledges to post.. what am i doing upside down?
    Thank You Ira - You have a lot of work.
    May Be you will change my Status to Premier Member as well? I have this quite new! valid to 1/2/2017
    Yours XBRJo
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