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    48/10 question

    "Less than 10 days" does not mean 216 hours or less. Two hundred sixteen hours is 9 days. Would you not agree that 9 days and 1 hour is still less than 10 days? So is 9 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. That one second is the difference between "less than 10 days" and "10 days or...
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    48/10 question

    What he said. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    4-Corners and 50cc Ride

    As I answered in a PM to you, the Pacific Ocean is only about 15 minutes away from San Ysidro. You should honor the spirit of the ride and go the extra 6 miles. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    Nesting a Leap Year SS1k inside of a BBG

    Let's review the basic rule for nesting rides. And that is, if one ride by definition is completed within another, we only issue one certificate. For example, as was correctly pointed out, everyone who completes a Bun Burner GOLD has by definition completed a Saddlesore 1000. But is the same...
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    Nesting a Leap Year SS1k inside of a BBG

    No Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    I found a hopeless class bike!

    Back in the 1990s, Warren Harhay was going to design a diesel rally bike that ran on used cooking oil. He figured that Chinese restaurants were everywhere, so he had an unlimited fuel supply. Ira
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    Certification Saddlesore 1000 - Brazil

    Check your Forum inbox - I just sent you a PM. Ira
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    What kind of IBA rider are you?

    In the interest of cutting off any flame war, you guys cut it out. Fill out the form or not. If you want to elaborate on what kind of rider you are, go for it. But no more snips and snails, please. Thanking you in advance, Ira
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    What kind of IBA rider are you?

    The fact that a poll can't cover every possible response, along with the whole issue of even running a poll, leads me to believe that a poll is not the best way to obtain the information you seek. It may be better to simply ask a question, or a series of questions, to get the answers. Ira...
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    Submitted ride for verification, but my email is changing...

    Send me a Forum message with your full name, your old email address and your new email address and I'll pass it on. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    2022 Iron Butt X Thousand Announced

    I'm afraid not. Patience, grasshopper. Ira
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    What constitutes a hopeless class entry?

    As they say, it's the rider, not the bike. :-)
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    Who is in charge of the Jax rides?

    Mike also just emailed me to say that you should contact him, at [email protected] So I would go to Mike first. Ira
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    Who is in charge of the Jax rides?

    Lisa just confirmed to me that Howard Entman is The Man when it comes to the JAX party IBA rides. You can contact him here or at [email protected] Please continue to use Lisa as the contact for other JAX party issues. Ira
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    Who is in charge of the Jax rides?

    As an update, I have messages in to both Mike and Lisa. No word yet, but there's plenty of time. Ira