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    2019 IBR Details

    Not published yet. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    Premier membership

    Your Premier membership expires on August 1st, 2020. Ira
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    Premier membership

    I think if you log on to the IBA eStore and take the "Membership" tab, it should show your Premier membership expiration date. Ira Agins IronButt Association
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    Garmin InReach vs Spot 3.0 Subscription Costs

    Yes. As the rules state with regard to tracking points (whichaccount for 10% of the total points needed to be a finisher: "Points are awarded at each checkpoint to any rider for whom IBR staff was able to monitor the riders progress approximately once every 10 minutes while the motorcycle was...
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    Ironbutt site coming back when?

    My understanding is that the change will be transparent to the user. Ira
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    Ironbutt site coming back when?

    I know we are in the process of changing some major software. I'm not privy to Dale's plans, but he may be waiting to make sure the new stuff works properly. Or it could be that he's otherwise occupied. It will be up as soon as possible, for sure. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    Looking for feedback on upcoming SS1000 ride

    Answers: SPOT trackers are very good additional documentation, but they don't replace any of the standard, required documentation. A single SPOT tracker can only be additional documentation for a single bike. But you can indicate that you both rode together. Again, any tracking record (GPS...
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    Tour of Honor Receipt Question

    What thee TOH requires and what the IBA requires is not quite the same. But if there is some place at the TOH site that can produce a computer-generated receipt (e.g., an ATM), that would work. Otherwise, follow the basic rule for IBA certificate rides - it's up to you to demonsrate you rode...
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    IBA response time post-IBR

    You should have received an email response from Mike. If you didn't get it, please let me know. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    SS1000 and security milage?

    Somewhere around 3-4% beyond the calculated minimum mileage should be sufficient. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    Witness questions

    1) As long as you document the end of your SS1K with a receipt showing date, time, and location. You can wait to have your end witness sign off. 2) Yes. You can obtain your start witness signature the afternoon/evening before your start. Similarly, if you complete your ride in the middle of...
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    Heaven to Hell Gold

    Uh, that would be the Heaven to Hell GOLD certificate package. The rules page, at shows the certificate-only fee (there are no bundles for this ride) as $40. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    IBA Member

    And here's the test: I just sent you your IBA member number by starting a conversation (i.e., a PM). Ira
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    IBA Member

    If you drop me a Forum PM with your real name, I can look it up for you. Ira Agins Iron Butt Association
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    So You Want to Enter the Iron Butt Rally

    In my original post, I mentioned that a few shorter rallies offered high-placing finishers an entry into the next Iron Butt Rally. Well, the Butt Lite is one of them. Lisa Erbes just (July 2, 2019) posted the following: -------------------------------------------------------------- July 2...