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  • Hi Mike, have you any idea how many Russians are likely to attend the RTE in Moscow on 2nd June? Alternatively, how can I contact them and stir it up?

    Kindly open IBA India and arrange some events. its my honor to work with your organization. Kindly arrange 1 or 2 events in India. I'm ready for taking responsibility for events. Now a days many Bike organization comes India for Business purpose so we miss IBA too.

    Santu Sarkar
    Hi Mike,

    Andy Andresen here in Newnan GA.


    1. Is there a Hyder Seek in 2017?

    2. It is not explicitly noted, but on the 100 CCC, if the first fuel rec't has a Jacksonville FL address shown is that sufficient to call it a correct coastal city start?
    Likewise, as long as San Diego CA is shown on the west coast is that good?

    See you in March in Jacksonville.

    Andy Andresen #19808
    There is a community to the east there in Jax - Jacksonville Beach, FL. This seems to meet the spirit of the ride - a location close to each coast. You'll see it when you go there in March.
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