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  1. Garage Monster

    How to edit my post

    I have a long post that I did with cut and paste and some spaces between words disappeared. How can I go back and fix that? Also I put a picture in another post and it appears twice. How can I fix that?
  2. Garage Monster

    My 50CC. I did it.

    I recently received word my 50CC has been certified and I am thrilled. I decided now is the time to do my ride report. I think many are like me and read these reports as part of the decision making and planning process so perhaps I can help or inspire someone. First a little background...
  3. Garage Monster

    need mapping help for CC50

    I am a premiere member and doing a CC50 in two weeks. The instructions say I need an electronic map made in Map Quest or Google Maps. I have always used Microsoft Streets and Trips with help from Google Maps to insure correct addresses for way points. Streets and Trips allows me to create a GPX...
  4. Garage Monster

    Which CC50 Route?

    I hope to do a CC50 this April from West to East. I have plotted out 2 routes and need advice. The most popular seems to be the San Diego to Jacksonville via basically I-10. I am considering Santa Monica to Savannah. I would jump up to Bakersfield and catch I-40 to Memphis and then angle down to...
  5. Garage Monster

    Great sport tourer for sale for the long distance

    Have to slow down and want to do a 50CC so the Hayabusa with all the extras incuding Givi bags has to go. To view this ad on eBay, please go to the eBay website at and enter item number 301955461038 in the search box at the top of the eBay home page.