challenge rides

  1. HardTxRider

    2016-Wyman Memorial Challenge, "Rendezvous"

    Mark your riding calendars! Pay tribute to the first long-distance motorcycle rider to cross America. Ride in the tracks of the "World's Toughest Motorcycle Rider, circa 1903" The first annual 2016-Wyman Memorial Challenge "Rendezvous" is open for registration on Ride Master. Sign up today...
  2. HardTxRider

    The G.A.Wyman Memorial Project Joins the IBA Forum

    The Iron Butt Association member Forum has long been the arena of ideas for the long-distance riding community. The Forum is of, by, and for members of the Iron Butt Association to share ideas, get questions answered and promote happenings in the long-distance riding community. The George A...