1. bikerbill

    2018 NIITWIt Rally

    2018 NIITWIt Rally Report I have not ridden in a LD rally since the BAT World Capitols of Texas in 2016 and I am hungry for some competition. Having ridden in two previous NIITWIt events I register right away in July for the October rally. Pity Party Alert! Many of you readers know that I have...
  2. Paul Tong

    2017 Heart of Texas Rally : El Camino Real de Los Tejas

    Registration is open for the 2017 Heart of Texas Rally. You may start the rally from any location within the borders of the State of Texas. The start will be at 6:00 am Central on Saturday April 29, 2017 and will finish at 6:00 PM Central Saturday April 29, 2017 at the LaSalle Hotel in Bryan...
  3. Paul Tong

    3rd Annual Celina RTE - Sat April 1, 2017 (Celina, TX)

    Greetings to all: This is a shameless solicitation to all you motorcycle deviants and miscreants who enjoy riding extreme distances for no other reason that to see other fellow reprobates and eat greasy, artery-clogging food. In 2015, Reno John of Big Money Rally fame, asked me to hold a Ride...