saddlesore 1600k

  1. asrafuln

    SaddleSore 1600K Attempt in BANGLADESH

    SaddleSore 1600K Country: Bangladesh Approximate Ride Stating Time: 28/03/2019 04:00am Starting Point(A): Borisal Division Approximate Ride Ending Time: 29/03/2019 03:30am Ending Point(H): Chittagong Division Total Distance: 1744km Approx. Duration: 23 Hours and 30 minutes Approx. Co-riders...
  2. asrafuln

    Suggestion/Advice wanted

    I am from Bangladesh and here i am planning for a SaddleSore 1600K ... i will appreciate if you guys help me to make it happens. Approximate ride starting date: 15th June 2018, 10am GMT6+ Attatchments: Screenshot of my planed route of SaddleSore 1600K and few shoot from previous rides