100CCC - Newcastle to Perth - March 2013


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Newcastle to Perth - 100CCC

The alarm rings at 02:30 only to be silenced as I have been up for hours in anticipation of the impending departure. Checked out of the motel with back pack and helmet in hand and fitted the gizmos to the bike, wait something was missing. Oops, the Spot must still have been in the room with no way to retrieve it. Can’t worry about that, need to focus on the big picture, I was so annoyed with myself.

Arrived at the Newcastle West BP to be welcomed by Ox and TigerBill that had been waiting for a while. Wombattle jogged in a few minutes later. Fuelled ‘Kiss me Kate’ and chatted for a while and discussed how I had a tendency to forget something, seems to always bring me luck however the spot was more of a safety device. Wombattle came to the rescue, give me 15 mins and I’ll have mine here and set up a plan, you’re a legend mate, the guys chatted and I was getting into the zone.

Completed paperwork, bought a bottle of water and 03:40 on the depart docket. Waved goodbye and OX led me on my way out of Newcastle.

Steady flow of roadwork and a few roos spotted near Mendooran otherwise uneventful arriving in Gilgandra for fuel and a quick text to my wife saying Wombattle will email a new url for her. I suggested the reupholstering of my saddle was money wasted as I had trouble walking, to say the least . When I suggested to the reupholster should I still use the air hawk, he said no it will spoil the seat, I now think he meant it would spoil the seats appearance.

The run to Cobar was easy in the cool morning, as usual numerous goats and only spotted a few roos in the distance. My previous return trip from Emmdale to Cobar was horrific, could only travel between 40 and 80kph and gave up at Cobar. I arrived Broken Hill, refuelled, fresh drink, snack and on my way again. I reflected to my previous trip with Wombattle in the heat and how I was starting to show the signs of dehydration here. So much easier having a camel back as far as regular hydration is concerned.

What a clear day

The run west of Broken Hill brought with it hundreds of emu’s, no real threat but remained cautious. I re-profiled the tyres as I weaved through Horrock’s pass and stopped to pay my respects at Davos’ plaque.

Arrived Port Augusta on fumes, refuelled with 22.41 litres and headed off to Ceduna and arrived at 23:20 twenty minutes outside my plan. Refuelled at the Shell roadhouse (Ceduna IBA Motel on Facebook, sad when you know their names). Had a pie, cold iced coffee and shower before heading off to bed in the swag.

Potential road-kill

Banner Shot

I jump and moan in pain as the alarm chimes at 03:15hrs. My butt is no better; it will not stop me no matter what, even if I have to ride side saddle! Pack the swag, cool drink, give the bike a once over and on my way within 20mins. Weather is fine as I pass through the fruit check point and head towards Nullarbor. Traffic is light, usual road train and then all of a sudden as if someone opened the gate roos were everywhere. They started at about 100km West of Ceduna and continued in a thick band for about 50km. I was more cautious, it reminded me of riding in Tassie, occasionally one would rip across the road just in front of you. Just then, a small one with an attitude against cyclists jumped straight into the side of ‘Kiss me Kate’, not happy Jan as I heard the tearing of plastic.

I pulled over, groaning as I moved my foot to touch the ground. I removed the torch from by tank bag and looked at the damage, the pannier was still attached, to the bike, just. I used a spare ‘Gater Strap’ to hold it all together and continued towards Nullarbor. It suddenly dawned on me that Nullarbor was about 50km away, I had miscalculated the distance and would arrive about 35mins before opening time. I calculated the distance to Border Village, another miscalculation as I carried 5lits of fuel in a 10 litre container and would be 10 to 15km short to Nullarbor. I have learned never carry a fuel container partially full, always have it full. I arrived at Nullarbor at 06:25 with only some security lighting on, parked the bike ready for fuel and settled down reflecting on the trip and enjoying some trail mix.

Finally, refuelled and on my way, alert for any shape resembling a threat to my goal. Roos were getting fewer and road kill increasing with more eagles causing issues due to their slowness in getting away. I must have seen 30 foxes, some just laying on the side of the road, these posed no threat. The clouds were building then it came, the rain and wind. I pushed on, my economy dropped from 19.5 kpl to 13.5 kpl. It was hard work, the pain of my butt was not the concern now.

I though I was here only recently?

I arrived at Mundrabilla, refuelled and paid for the fuel when the male attendant said, ‘wet enough for you mate’ with a smile on his face, I left a puddle of water on his floor and left and continued for an unscheduled stop at Caiguna again for fuel. The wind had now eased somewhat, it was a bit off-putting getting regular front wheel slip when passing vehicles or getting the traction control light flashing then a ‘F1’ warning appeared, believe it may have been the standard fuel I filled with previously, ‘Kiss me Kate’ was working pretty hard. I pulled into Merredin Shell, Premium bowser not working so I filled again with standard and continued on the final leg as I didn’t want to waste any time going to the second servo, just wanted to get to Scarborough Beach.

Where else would I rather be?

The sun was starting to set, had a great run down the mountain and there they were, Gus, Ziggy & Jeff, after a brief greet Gus led the way to the check in point. Arrived 22:46(est, not sign in receipt) awesome ride and felt relatively fresh. Said our goodbyes and Gus led me to his home. On a high didn’t feel like much but he insisted on getting me something, had this great toasted cheese sanger and tea you could kill for. Gus double checked my calculations as it was confirmed that the sign in of the first leg is the start of the second leg. Had a quick shower and set the alarm for 04:40hrs.

It feels like minutes later the alarm went off. Got dressed scrubbed my teeth and was starting to feel at home here so I left the toothpaste for my next visit. Had a great sleep, Gus said he thought I must have because I snored all night, may have been the flu I was getting over?

Documentation completed, official start receipt for second leg stamped at 02:23 (05:23est), Gus lead the way to Bakers Hill and waved me onward. With unscheduled running around I used more fuel than calculated and had an unscheduled fuel stop at Merredin. Refuelled and witnessed another fabulous sunrise, there was no need for the scheduled stop at Southern Cross, next stop. I refuelled at Norseman and I lashed out and stopped for a plain hamburger, side of chips and chocolate milk. I made a couple of phone calls whilst eating the burger, it was plain and I left most of the chips; there was a pool of oil on the bottom of the plate.

The clouds were building, I tried to stay in front of it and decided to bypass my scheduled stop at Balladonia, clouds were thickening, rain was increasing and wind starting to develop. Arrived Caiguna at 16:05 for a quick stop and continued trying to beat the weather as I wasn’t keen on experiencing bad weather again. Rain was increasing and I pulled into Mundrabilla, started to re-fuel and spoke to two guys from England cycling across Australia, I passed them the previous day and showed them the photo. They couldn’t believe the itinerary on my tank bag. I applied more ‘Rain-X’ onto visor, it makes such a difference. I am off again, raining and blowing again like a bastard, I don’t like it. More wheel slippage, getting a bit sad now cause I’m starting to like it, reminds me when I ride trail bikes. As I approached Border Village I contemplated an unscheduled stop for refuel, I was thinking, if I stop I won’t want to get going again so I soldiered on. The rain eased but wind continued, I had a steady lean on the bike to run her true, passing road trains was at times exiting to say the least as the lean had to be corrected as you approached otherwise the bike would like to run into the rear wheels of the semi. By maintaining a reasonable pace it seemed to punch through cleaner and caused less drama.

Arrived Nullarbor at 20:45, refuelled after finding an attendant to turn everything on, bit worried for a while that things had closed up. I was offered a bed as I left ID at the counter but needed to press onward. A guy on a GS BMW and I chatted for a while and said I was mad to continue. He arrived some hours earlier and gave up as his ‘shoulder was stuffed and he had neck pain from all the fighting’. I looked at his beer and drooled and wished him well for the night.

I was not looking forward to the next leg to Ceduna with all the roos I had experienced the previous day. The rain and wind eased and I spotted only a few roos. It was a long haul into Ceduna arriving at midnight. Refuelled, showered another pie and booked into the IBA Motel and snuggled under my doona as it was cold.

Not much traffic

Another glorious sunset

Alarm wakes me at 03:00 and had a great sleep, depart receipt 03:18 and feeling great. I had forgotten about my butt, either it was seasoned or numb. Occasional drops of rain and then it all clears. The temp was cooling to about 12, I was starting to feel the cold and stopped at Kimba to jump into a one piece suit, and things now looked up and witnessed another sunrise over Port Augusta. Stopped to say hi to Davo and continued to Broken Hill, not sure what it was but had to stop a few times due to a dose of gastro. Kept the water up and arrived at 13:00. Had a short break, made a phone call and cool drink with more trail mix and a KitKat. I stopped at Emmdale for a quick hamburger, love the place always friendly and you feel welcome. They have been selling Premium fuel for about two months now. Great feed, felt much better and off with only goats and three roos seen. Arrive Cobar and ‘hit the wall’. Refuel, park around the corner and sit against a tree in the shade. Set the alarm for 20 minutes. I straighten my thoughts and re-focus on the goal, 15 minutes later I’m off feeling brand new again.

I arrive Gilgandra with no wildlife to be seen from Cobar, refuel and off on the final run. I am getting excited and had to straighten myself out, keep focused Karl you know the risks, don’t get cocky now. I weave through roadwork’s after the heavy rain just outside Gilgandra, some major road repairs. I program the TomTom for the destination, it is dark and the road does not look at all familiar, was it due to the re-sealing? I’m a little concerned but feel the direction is right, now in the city somewhere and pass a bike on the left, aaah who else would be out this time, saw a FarRider sticker, I slow down and pull over, Ox heads off gesturing to follow onto the home run, what a legend it made my day being chaperoned into the servo. Sign in receipt, 00:51 and paperwork completed by Ox, TigerBill and Wombattle. We have a chat, I feel remarkably good, still have another day off and there is more road to travel. I was offered a bed but still had itchy feet, suggested I may have a look around then head off. Ox shows me around the bay, takes a pic, we say our goodbyes and I’m off again.

What a beautiful country we live in

Thank you to everyone that assisted in the ride. I cannot explain how much easier it is to plan when there is a team of FarRiders always there to help anyone on a long distance ride!


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That was a great ride Karl. Plan the ride, ride some other plan on-the-fly. Great stuff.

Happy to be a part of it.