2016 Memorial Ride

Howard Entman

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The Memorial rides started in 2011 with the Jack Shoalmire Ride, in memory of Jack who died just a few months before the ride. He was a big time IBA rider.

We had more than150 riders participate that year.

In 2012, a few of the Shoalmire riders asked if we were having another memorial type ride. In response to those inquiries, we amended the ride plan by expanding the time window into 17 days, including three weekends. The goal that year was to bring a newbie, (that is, a non-IBA rider) into the fold by mentoring the rider and helping them earn membership into our group.

Since then we have had Memorial Rides each year! We had almost 800 riders participate (including riders from around the world) and admitted 175 “newbies” to the ranks of the insane. Riders enjoyed the new flexible scheduling with seventeen eligible ride dates including three weekend ride options. The personalized IBA certificates detailing each rider’s special Memorial Ride tribute made a unique and lasting memory for riders, their friends and their families.

This year, the 2016 Memorial Ride will be bigger and better:

· Eligible dates – September 16-October 2 (seventeen days – 3 weekends). This is earlier than in the past years.

· Any SS1K, BB, or BBG will qualify.

· Special certificates and patches will be issued.

· Special commendation for mentoring a “newbie”.

More info and a streamlined application will be sent to you once you register for the ride at https://rides.jasonjonas.com/

Again for 2016:

There will be a celebration at the end of the Memorial Ride window in Dallas, TX. Riders who attend this event will have their certificates presented to them by Mr. Iron Butt himself, Mike Kneebone, and have the opportunity to kick tires will over 100 fellow riders. For more information on this event, go to www.ironbutt.com/texas

Howard Entman

IBR Finisher
Premier Member
There's only four weeks left before the IBA Dallas Party. The temperature and humidity are steadily getting a little more tolerable, and the fall rains shouldn't be starting.

We still have a few rooms left at our host hotel, but can accommodate more riders on the SS1000 and BBG

After the rides are finalized, we ask a rider or two, who is not part of the ride design team, to execute the ride with the same documentation that will be provided to those who register. Here is an excerpt from the report of our colleague who rode the SS1000:

"Capital 1000 is a great ride, departing from a large metropolitan area heading into to the beautiful pine forest of east Texas. Then heading south and skirting around Houston before heading west into the coastal flat lands. Then going through some of Texas most revered and historic locations such as Gonzales "The birthplace of Freedom" Then after breezing through San Antonio riders will find themselves in the Texas hill country just in time for sunset in some of the most picturesque locations in Texas. "

We have a week or so before we have to finalize our arrangements with the hotel chef for Saturday night dinner. So don't delay signing up.

Go to rides.jasonjonas.com to register.

go to ironbutt.com/texas for more information, or just call me.