2019 Birthday party


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As most of you might know by now, I have a birthday every year around the 10th of September started in the very early 60's when Elvis was on the top of the charts.....

It also happens that I like having a bit of a party when these rare events occur.

This year happened to be my 35th birthday but there was no party due to the "ducks-not-aligning" thingie. I decided to postpone it to October which didn't happen either. Lynne the pillion rang me in August and enquire about the party. I told her that it would be beginning of November, which didn't happen either. She sounded relieved and excited to learn that it would happen.......

So, I have the date set at 30 November. Preparations will start soon.

I am not sure about accommodation inside the hosuse at this stage, thinking it is probably all taken up by now (most been reserved last year), but there are plenty swag and tent space. There is a motel with very basic accommodation not far from my house as well and Uber can take you there if you have gone inside the bar more often than the mobile RBT would find amusing.

If you want to attend the event and experience where can letyourhairloose, please contact me by phone or SMS on 0425 722 204, or pm me through this forum. If your name is not on the shopping guest list, you will find it difficult to go past Jack, who will be in charge of security. ;)




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I would dearly love to have the opportunity to deal with your head of security Fran. The problem is I have to be back home on Monday to play "SANTA" for our local photo lady. Thanks for the offer and have a great party.


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I also would dearly love to attend, and as it so happens, work intervenes once again. Even with my new part time status, the ducks fail to align for me. I am off the 12 days prior to the event. I return to the slog at 05:00 on Sunday 01 December, thus convivial food and drinks on the Saturday night would be most unwise. Best regards once again for your 35th birthday Frans