50 CC after Parkes?

jeffrey gebler

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I have been thinking about what I should do after the meeting in Parkes, I do not get to the east coast that often, time off is already booked and am thinking that I should make the most of it. Unfortunately Skidoo had to cancel his Trans Australian ride so I am contemplating doing a 50CC gold and then heading back to Lobethal for a 4 day 6700 km ride.

I have not finalized all the details yet but am planning on leaving either Newcastle or Sydney on Monday July 4th. Any advise would be appreciated and if any one from the west is interested in joining me on the ride back to Perth please let me know.

I am still looking forward to the Trans Australian Insanity ride that I will hopefully be able to participate in during the warmer months.

jeffrey gebler

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Hmmmm, why not do the Trans Australia Quest? you can do the Trans Australia Insanity later on:)
I did consider that but now time is a factor, after the Trans Australia Insanity Quest was delayed I decided to save a weeks holiday and now instead of two weeks off I am just taking the one.
My plan is to leave on July 4th and must be back by the 7th to be back at work the next day.


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Jeff the Chef got away at 3am from Newcastle this morning. I will let the Newcastle mob to advise how that went.

His Spotwalla link doesn't work which he knows about. He is hoping it is set to US time and may come alive soon?


I spoke to him at 9.18am he was refueling at Nyngan after 560km. He said it was the coldest he had been on a bike with ice forming on the bike.

And now just received an SMS from Jeff.

" In Broken Hill all good. 25 minutes ahead of time. Still cold hope to miss forecast rain"

I advised him that Spotwalla still not operating..

Good luck Jeff


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The following post from Jeff the Chef is copied from the FR forum.

Pulled up in kimba, had to get warm and get some wet gear off. Plan is to take a 5 hour break and try to do the final 2300 tomorrow. Plan to head out by 3.
Sorry still no spot.


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Jeff has decided to stop this ride and leave it for another day. Smart riding Jeff to know when to pull the pin.. His post below is copied from the FR forum.

Five hours since i pulled into Kimba to dry out and get warm. The cold and wet really drained my energy.
The five hours were spent running figures through my head and recaluculating the next leg of the ride with virtually no sleep. I have got all my gear on but have reconsidered pushing on. I know my abilities and a 23 hour ride without sleep is well beyond it.
I am going to try to get a few hours sleep and spend my next few days off riding but will not be attempting the coast to coast that i set out to do.
Thanks to those who saw me off yesterday and all the encouragement from the forum and muster.
Definitely will try this again but not in winter.


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Thanks Fatman. A shame but probably a good call. I was good to catch up with Jeff at the muster and have a bit of a chat about his plans, you could see the quiet excitement in him.


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Probably a very good call.
I was talking to Malcolm while he was on his way back to Perth yesterday. It was a good ride until the rain started. He actually aked me to try and work out a way to extend his SS1600K into a SS2000K into Ceduna, until the rain started. When he arrived in Ceduna it was a case of "Got my fuel docket, had a 'burger, found my motel. Leaving early tomorrow, stuff the extra K's "

My impression was that the weather was VERY ordinary, So great call Jeff.


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Just caught up with the news Jeffrey. It's a tough decision to pull out of a ride. That's why everyone respects the decision when it happens. One good thing though is that it's a good excuse to have another go. I'm sure you'll succeed.


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Pulling the pin is never easy but never being able to pull the pin again isn't a viable option so good call mate. Having a quick squiz at the weather and it looks like you're heading into the teeth of a nasty cold front with southerly winds straight of the Antartic, brrr..... I know only too well how chilly those artic blasts can be, add water aka rain and that's a double brrr....
Good luck on your next attempt Jeff.