Hello all,

All signed-up for my first Iron Butt (RBLR1000 2017, North clockwise). Hopefully my bike is the right tool for the job (ST1300) as I can't imaging doing half the distance on some of my previous bikes!

I've not really been without a bike since I was 16 years old although I have missed out on some bike-plans/trips over the years due to 24 years in the army and way too much sand. Well, I'm a firmly established 'civi' now so time to play catch-up.

Spent 3.5 weeks touring Europe (3,000 miles) a couple of years ago; that was on my Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 CT and it was a good tool for the job. I then had the Vulcan 2053cc but didn't fancy doing the same trip on that beast. The ST1300 is my second Pan; previously I had the 1100. Both have been good bikes.

Hopefully get to see a few of you sometime soon, somewhere.

P.S. I may be living in Corby but I'm NOT Scottish! A proud Yorkshireman spreading the good word of the North to the Southerners!! :cool:


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Welcome, Yorkie. I hope you've modified the saddle on the Pan - the standard seat on my ST1300 nearly crippled me on a 500 mile hop!

All was good once I'd fitted a Russell Daylong on it.
Thank you for the welcome, Owl.

I have a Sargeant Seat fitted to the bike which has been fine so far, although I've not done anywhere near as long a journey on it yet. I do have an Airhawk seat cushion which I used on a different bike. I'll be having trial runs with this setup a few times before the 'main event'.


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On your trial runs, don't forget to practise the sort of fuel stops you will want to do on a rally or an IBA run - mine is munching on an energy bar whilst refuelling, get receipt, check receipt for time and postcode, write mileage onto receipt, stow receipt safely then off again.

You shouldn't be tight on time for a 1000 in 24 run, but it is always good practise to keep to the same routine, so that it is more muscle memory than thinking.