BB silver

Hello Ira
On august 18 2023 I completed a BB silver ride, along with an In-state (Wyoming ) ride ,Ticket #4768
I recieved, (in record time), my PDF certificate for the BB silver ride ,But the PDF file for the in-state ride never
showed up. I'm thinking it might be coming snail mail.
Is it possible for you to find out for me
Jeff McDonald
premier # 68980

Howard Entman

IBR Finisher
Premier Member
We emailed your cetrificate on August 26, as shown below.

I have resent this email to you today. If you do not receive it, please let me know, otherwise I will assume all is well.

Thanks for being a Premier member.


1695068181710.png 1695068181710.png 1695068181710.png
Hi Howard
You resent the BB silver certicate, thanks
But The Wyoming in-state ride certificate was not included in the email
Sorry to be such a pain
Jeff McDonald