Best way to submit multiple certs for 3 riders, same ride


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Multiple ride certifications...
Did the SCMA 3 Flags Classic 2019 run with 2 others.
In the process, accomplished IBA runs: Bunburner Gold 1500 (24 Hrs), Border to Border Gold (24 hrs) and 2 x Saddlesore 1000 (24 hrs).
To save IBA certifiers work, what is the BEST way to submit these 4 rides for 3 riders, without causing IBA to go through all the paperwork multiple times?
2 of us are IBA members, 1 is not (yet).
Have Spotwalla track, Also have Garmin track logs.
We have all gas receipts, start & finish papers signed/witnessed by IBA high milers.
Your suggestions please?


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Since there are multiple individuals that do the certification processing, I would say each party to the ride submits independent of the others.

Each party has their own documentation, so it should be an individual process - but annotated with 'I did this ride with X and Y' as part of the submission.


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Pardon my lack of appetite for more work,
But I would suggest IBA implement a process to verify ONCE, for 3 riders and 4 certs.
As to what appears to be currently 3 volunteers, certifying 4 rides each.


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each person is responsible for their own paperwork. the point of the paperwork process to to ensure that anyone getting an IBA certification actually did the work themselves. the certify-er has to examine each ride and each set of paperwork separately. there is no workload reduction.


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The way I'm interpreting the ride based on your limited description, I believe you may only be credited with *one* of the GOLD rides unless it was an independent ride (e.g. not a nested ride)

@Ira will clarify further.


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What I did a long time ago was to put each rider's paperwork in a separate envelope with notation on the outside of the envelope that it is "one of X riders on the same ride". Then put both (all) envelopes in one large envelope notating on the outside of the large envelope that "x riders on same (SS/BB/BBG/etc) ride". Thus, any IBA ride checker/certify-er would be able to know the contents and decide for him/herself if the whole envelope would be easy/hard to do or at least know about how much work is involved before opening.

I have never read or heard any flack about such submissions being a problem. The IDEA is to make it as easy as possible for the cert team to know what's going on and what to expect before the envelope is opened. Being clear and concise goes a long way towards being considerate of the cert team.