Bluetooth RX/TX use on K1600GT - recommendations/advice

I moved up from a K1200GT to a new K1600GT. I used to jack into the Zumo for nav and SirusXM. There is no headphone jack on the primary MC interface nor on my new GPS. I see that I can purchase portable battery-powered/USB rechargeable Bluetooth RX/TX that will receive from the GPS and the MC interface and let me plug in my current helmet cord jack. I've used Cardo devices before but sound quality is poor in my helmet. I don't need to take or make phone calls while riding; I'll pull over for that. Any advice recommendations or advice?


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Sound quality has drastically improved with the Cardo units. I have the Freecom 4+ with S-Plugs. They came with JBL speakers that I hear are great, but never used them. I had a Cardo that I bought in 2011 prior. Battery life is also great! Never had to recharge during ss1000 and if I did they can be charged while using them.