Butt Lite X Registration open


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Just applied! This would be a new experience for me as I've never participated in a LD rally east of Nevada. Fingers crossed...


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I also threw my helmet into the ring.

But did I miss some piece of info? How do you know it will be east of Nevada? :D
Of course I don't. But even if it did start on the west coast, something tells me I'd find myself heading east at some point during the five days of the rally. :)

Hope you and I make it into the BL and then I'll see you there.

If I'm there I might be on the K bike in my avatar or my newer '09 R1200RT.

My application was submitted the first day it opened up. Have a couple more additions to my resume and a few more to do. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!



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Hope you and I make it into the BL and then I'll see you there.

If I'm there I might be on the K bike in my avatar or my newer '09 R1200RT.

Thanks John, good luck to all of us!

I would most likely ride my 2015 Yamaha FJ-09. I rode it in the 2016 Cal24 and it's a fantastic LD mount.
I'm in! Really excited, and I've got some prepping to do.
Hey good luck to you. I didn't get in.

Reverting back to my original plan of doing a 4 corners ride in 2020. More to my preference since I just want to ride and do big mile days without having to do a bunch of stops.


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Good evening fellow Strangers,

I have pre and post rally storage space available to those in need. My name is Ron Messick and I live about 25 minutes from the Butt Lite X Headquarters. This includes room for bikes, parts, tires and I can house a few if needed.

It is an honor to have Team Strange chose the greater Kansas City area Headquarters for Butt Lite X. Hoping all that are involved get a few days to enjoy Bar-B-Que at its finest. Kansas City is known for its Fountains. In fact Rome, Italy is the only city in the world to have more. KC has the most operational fountains, if you want to get picky. Picky is something we are not, unless its about the Bar-B-Que surely I mentioned it?

Back to the matter at hand. If you should need somewhere to stage things before and after, my home is open to you. I have modest tool assortment, 2 car garage and within close vicinity to many of the manufacturers dealerships.

Engle Motors, servicing BMW, Triumph, Royal Enfield
6633 East Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64126
(816) 241-7554

Donnell's, servicing Honda, Suzuki
17851 E US-40, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 478-9393

Reno's Powersports, servicing Yamaha, Ducati, Aprilia, Ural
13611 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64145
(816) 895-7844

Gail's Harley Davidson, servicing Harley
5900 MO-150, Grandview, MO 64030
(816) 966-2222

There are other shops in the area but these are ones I would recommend. Contact me if I can be of any assistance, Ron Messick, (816) 305-8662.

Welcome to the city I call home.