Camping Chair and Table


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Whilst at a recent R2E I noticed Kim in a rather snazzy camp chair, with table. I see many adverts for this sort of thing on fB but would prefer a third party referral but do TT have contact details for Kim. So any one got a recommendation for me?


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I saw and tried out Kim's kit, it's very lightweight but sturdy. The thing stopping me from getting the same is the seat height, I found it too low for my ageing and less than supple limbs, especially after a day on the Pimm's, Bronx and Guinness ;)


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If I was a gambling man I'd wager WsqWLsqt to be an over enthusiastic intern following a poorly thought out brief
A rather long way of saying "scammer/spammer" m8. ;) Edit - same user name all across the net with one post with a link and no follow up. (not clicking on that link to "garden furniture" either.) reported.
try googling ultra lightweight camping chair Dave cant say how useable they are but you can get them that fold small which is the big bonus for carrying on the bike.


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