Campsite food

Brian Bumpas

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Ok occasionally I like to pull off the road at a random camping areas, generally I'll look for a nearby convenience store for food and I end up with a bag of cheese doodles for breakfast. I would like to try some meals ready to eat, I do have a camp stove and water but I need a little guidance maybe from you military guys. Is one manufacturer better than the rest ? Any food prep tips would be greatly appreciated.

Gerry Arel

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Backpackers Pantry are pretty tasty as far as pouch meals go. We used to use those if we brought anything pre-prepared while backpacking. I have used them in my moto travels and camping trips but find that maybe one or 2 as a 'just in case' is fine and I still try to look for something else if I can.

Pro: they're easy, self contained and pretty filling (one bag is usually 2 portions)
Cons: generally lots of sodium, can be bland
As a prior infantryman in the US army I can tell you that the government mre get the job done. Some taste better than others but the all are filling. Be careful of the calories as they are meant to sustain a man burn through calories like the fires of he'll. Normally you can get them surplus at a reasonable price and they have outstanding shelf life. Also watch for constipation if you don't take in enough fluids.


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Can of beans, canned beef stew, etc and a beer put me to bed camping after a hard day's riding. Breakfast, some hot coffee made on my burner and any number of breakfast bars pack small, lite and are easy to enjoy whole breaking down camp.


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Alternative meals - Hormel entrees are irradiated and last on the shelf w/o refrigeration a long time, taste decent, but are also high in sodium.

I also like Uncle Ben's instant rice, which boils in it's own pouch quickly, (or micro in 60-90 seconds), and mixes with a can of tuna or chicken for a nice meal. Even better if I score some veggies at the last grocery story before the campground. Velveta cheese pouch can be a bonus winner too.