Salam and good day. Just want to throw a few question.

1. Out of 105 certification above, does it represent 105 different riders of inclusive of riders with multiple certification?
2. Each certified riders will obtain a unique IBA certified numbers or they will have multiple numbers base on their completed run / certificate?
3. Witness is not compulsory, you can just start the run, collect all document / evidence and submit for approval. Am I right?
4. Run in group will be treated as individual run?
5. Where can we find the rest of the certified IBA in Malaysia? Do we have a complete record, name list?

Anyway, I'm collecting info and motivations, intending to have my first IBA certification. Thanks.
Salaam. Good day to you. Certification for each rider for the intended course must be categorize individually. Pillion included. All data logs on travel - Date, time zone to be collected...eg fuel purchased receipts and Google Map routes uploaded.
Once course taken completed, submit through given email. Follow the format given. I wish you the best. Ride Happy. Ride Hard!!!