Covid 19


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Rides will be verified from 4th July in England.( not Wales Scotland as they both still restrict travel distances) when restrictions will be be reduced.
Risk. Riding a motorcycle is a good way to self distance whilst traveling.

We are still in a World Wide Pandemic.

The virus is transmitted by touch transfering it to eyes and mouth and by colose contact with infected people.

Consider if your breakdown company will get you home. You may need to use a hotel and public transport.

To mitigate risk of infections the advice is
1 Carry face masks (may need to visit hospital or public transport home)
Face coverings like a buff are ok on public transport but not in hospitals
2 Use the gloves in garages or hand sanitiser before/after touching anything in garages/services
Your gloves would protect you but consider that you could be getting germs on your gloves then scratching my nose! So its better take then off and sanitise or wear the garage's gloves
3 Take Drinks and snacks.
4 Avoid crowded places and minimise contacts. Maintain self distancing.

The virus has not disappeared , it's transmission has only been reduced by the precautions which we continue to take.

Ask yourself.... Are you doing everything you can to reduce the risk to yourself and family to an acceptable level.

Stay alert . Be safe