Exceeding speed limits

Just curious. This came up on another forum recently.
Will the IBA certify a Saddle Sore 1000 when it is obvious that, based on the submitted route, the speed limits have been exceeded? i.e.: calculated average speed of 78mph?



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Not sure what the "threshold" is, but the general answer is NO. Certs have been pulled from riders that publically bragged about doing stupid stuff//speed. And someone that attempted one on the Tail of the Dragon, which has too low of a speed limit to do it legally had it denied.

In a nutshell, Yes, the verification teams do look at this stuff. Keep in mind that large areas in the Western US have 80 mph speed limits and certain areas in TX have 85 mph limits, so calculated average depends on your route/location.


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Totally on the Dragon or the Dragon included?
The person that got denied did it totally on the Dragon, as I understand. He is/was a photographer that does his work there. I suspect any ride including that stretch of road would be closely scrutinized, but it's not a large portion of a SS1K ride if you just did one pass through.


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You will probably never have a issue with a 5 over avg but some stuff I've seen on the roads is crazy . West Texas ( I live in Tx ) is NASCAR
I mean if the limit is 80 everyone is knocking on triple digits out there . It gets pretty dangerous around Houston , Austin , San Antonio , Beaumont , and El Paso is starting to get bad to .


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Obviously, if it's flagrant it will get denied. That said there is an element of don't ask, don't tell. Also, keep in mind that rallies are different than certificate rides. This conversation is about certificate rides. Riders are often monitored for speed during rallies. If you want to speed and brag about it then seek out the Cannonball folks. They are alive and well...


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if the limit is 80 everyone is knocking on triple digits out there . It gets pretty dangerous around Houston , Austin , San Antonio , Beaumont , and El Paso is starting to get bad to .
Many moons ago, when the national speed limit was still 55, I was traveling back to Sandy Eggo on I-15 from points north at the end of a three-day weekend. Approaching the LA basin I was in the second lane from the right doing the 3-digit stuff and STILL getting passed on both sides...


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There is a well known vendor of motorcycle gear that openly brags about participating in and being part of group that has made numerous attempts of record setting at extreme speeds. For example most miles covered in 24 hours (in excess of 2200 miles) or shortest time to cover 1000 miles. All with triple digit average speeds and all out west in the desert.

He somewhat besmirches SS1000's and IBA rules, well at least his tone is a bit flippant. His general attitude about the common IBA rides seemed to be that they are not very challenging or "extreme".

He was a very opinionated fellow. Somewhat entertaining to listen to but you could tell he thought he was much more entertaining than most of the folks listening to him.

The Yellow Wolf, Tail of the Dragon ride had more issues than speed if I recall. He did that with some outside support if memory serves. Things like having fuel staged at pull offs with a "helper" for refills since there is limited fuel access and the pumps at the store had limited hours. Even when the store was open and the pumps were on they were often crowded or simply out of fuel for the day. The speed limit was 55mph on that road prior to 1993 when Tennessee lowered their side to 40mph. They lowered it again around 2002 or 2003 to 30mph. North Carolina followed a few years later. I have not been in years but was semi local, at least local enough to consider it my local driving/riding area, before the 30mph speed limit.