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I was FR#138. All my stuff was taken down. I was pushed off the island so I didn't care anymore. Why was he so vindictive? Don't know. Don't care. Where did my posts, ride reports and pics get sent too? Don't know. Don't care.

I found some salvation with the DRA group for a time. Nice crew. Then with old mates in the IBA world and now IBA Aus. I've followed this thread and appreciate that it has been allowed to run here. But, I'm firming to the view that history should/could just remain as history. Written or not. Written and lost. It doesn't matter. Those there will remember it. Fondly or otherwise. It happened and the world has moved on.

I'm riding most of the next two weeks. Another service. Another pair of tyres. I'm happy. My bike loves me. FR, DRA, IBA? Just names. For me, it's the long roads and not the politics that matter. As I said previously, I look forward to catching up with some old mates and I hope the politics don't become the focus of the weekend.

Cheers guys and gals. Mick.

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S 31°53.959'
E 127°00.362'

In 2016 LindsdayGT posted "I'm pretty sure it's directly adjacent to an orange "Left Lane Ends" sign.".

Brookster also noted
"Madura Pass location is.... -31.899317, 127.006033 or S 31°53.959' E 127°00.362
Coming up from roadhouse turn right into airport road then immediately right into carpark and in right hand corner is a small rock memorial....paint your number on a rock and leave it in the surrounding pile."
Feck! Rode right past that point not knowing...


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Been keeping a bit of an eye on FarRoads.domain.au
this morning was a tad under $17k to own it.
just checked . Sure there many often costs , we have the people ..break it down to all whom wish to ... subject to each individual headspace..
some $20 , $30
It’s a very good start , or restart process , sure there will be administration coast along the way .
hey . Why are we , whom we are



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not long , read kwaka‘s post .something great might come out of this ..
maybe the truth is ..
we already have had much given to each of us
think about it
I ‘ve had yet another crazy long day .
im just addicted to , what we have done , like all addicts , get uneasy with change .
we have a great opportunity here
cheers Roy


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Oops . Prior post ... not coast.... costs would have been a better word .

in reflection , coasts may suit many of us better ... meaning .. riding , touring ...be it solo or other .to be
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