For Sale: Russell Day-Long seat - BMW K75/K100


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I have a wonderful Russell Day-Long seat for your K75/K100. This is a standard height seat that also has a full passenger Russell seat too ($150 upgrade), so everyone is comfortable! This seat was used for ~3 years by me before I sold the bike. If you’ve ever had a Russell, you know how comfortable they are, if not, well – there’s a reason that so many long-distance motorcyclists use them, they truly are all-day comfort. No rips or tears - the pan side is in good condition, rubber bumper okay, but is the rear piece of hardware that you can source used or new from BMW.

This same built seat is currently $690 plus your seat pan

$250 -- Shipping will be at cost to you. I’ll get it boxed up and get an estimate with your zip code (Free pickup if you’re local).

Is this still available? You had it on a k75 in the pic obviously, I'm guessing that's a 94/95 since it has rest ABS. Mines a 92 and I gotta reference to see if those seat pans are the same. Shipping would be to zip code 01081.